Funny Boxers (100 Cool, Sexy and Comic Boxers for Men)

Special funny boxers with cartoon characters, cool boxers with animals or skulls and even sexy boxers for men. Comic underwear are perfect gifts for your friends or perhaps as a treat for yourself. Who man doesn’t like to wear comfortable underwear like boxer briefs? Heavy underwear are always appreciated to get. You can never get too many of them.

Funny boxers for cool men

Time to buy new underpants?

Are your underwear old and boring? Do you want some new funny boxers that make you happy? I’m sure you’ll find some that you like on this page.

Time to buy new underpant

My favourites

Nice design and cool pattern, monkeys and newspaper. I just love them.

Patterned boxers with monkeys. Boxers with newspaper pattern.

Peekaboo boxers

Funny boxers with cartoon  figures that play peekaboo. Soft and comfortable in stretchy cotton. Funny gift for men.

peekaboo boxers funny gift for men

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A lot of funny gifts for men.

Candy  and fruit boxers

Who don’t like these cool underwear. You want to eat them, because the candy and fruit look so real.

Patterned boxer briefs with palm trees.Patterned boxers with fruits.

Cool and funny

Choke the turkey! I like these cheeky boxers very much. They would be a perfect gift for any man.

Funny boxers with printed turkey pattern.

Turtle boxers

Teenage mutant ninja turtle boxer shorts in 100% cotton. The back has a turtle shell print.

Funny turtle boxer shorts.    Comic turtle boxers for men.

Funny striped underwear

Have you seen this unique style of boxers before? They are cool and sexy but very funny at the same time. I just smile when I see them.

Cheeky boxers with a pouch for the package. Black and white striped.Cheeky boxers with a pouch for the package. Red and white striped.

 Funny Simpson boxer briefs

I’m sure that most men would appreciate one of these with Homer Simpson pattern.

Christmas boxers with Homer Simpson pattern.  Simpson patterned boxer briefs.

These boxers would be a perfect gift for your lover. “I love you” pattern all over or a lot of hearts and the cookie monster from Sesame street.

Printed red boxers with "I love you" pattern.

Tell him that he make you happy by giving him a pair of these cute boxers.

Valentines boxers with text "You make me happy"Comic boxer briefs with the text "You make me happy".

More funny underwear

These funny boxers sells in 3-pack and in 2-pack.

Comic printed boxer underwear. Sellls in 3-pack.Funny briefs in boxer style. Sells in 2-pack.

These boxers have a very nice pattern with emojis all over. Who don’t like emojis?

mens funny underwear with emojis pattern

Tickle my pickle or Don’t make me angry

Nice and funny underwear style boxer trunks in strong colors.

Boxers with funny pattern and funny text.   Cheeky boxers with cheeky text.

Funny boxers with Disney pattern

Who doesn’t like Walt Disney’s Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Agent P etc. These boxers are for everyone, both old and young. They are classic. They’ll never become out of date.

Disney boxer shorts printed Goofy.  Disney boxer shorts printed Mickey Mouse.

Comic disney boxer shorts printed Grumpy. 

Comic Disney boxer shorts printed Goofy.Disney boxer shorts printed Agent P.

Comic boxer briefs

Cool underwear in strong colors with the funny puppets the Muppets. I think most people like their humor.

Comic Disney boxer shorts printed Muppets.  Cheeky printed valentines boxers with the Muppets.

Funny patterned boxer trunks with the Muppets.Funny underwear with the Muppets pattern.

Funny boxer trunks with comic the Muppets pattern.Comic boxer shorts printed with the Muppets.

Funny patterned long legs boxers printed with Dr teeth.

Sesame street boxers

Elmo and Cookie monster face. Funny boxers in 100% cotton with fly.

 Men's sesame street boxers with Elmo faceMen's sesame street boxers with cookie monster face

Big dogs cool boxers

Generously cut, comfortable and nice pattern. The first ones with banana pattern have text “Happy to see you!”, the other ones have smileys and dog heads.

Comic boxers with banana pattern.Comic printed boxers with smileys and dogs pattern.

Multi colored underwear

Tight fit boxers with nice modern pattern. Stretchy and comfortable to wear.


Men's multi colored boxer underwear with tight fit.Boxer briefs with funny mix tape pattern.

More PSD underwear

Sexy boxers with cool pattern to choose between. Tight like an extra skin.

PSD underwear with pharaoh pattern. Tight fit.Boxer briefs with tiger pattern. Tight fit and long legs.

Boxers with cars pattern.

Costume boxers

These cool and funny costume patterned boxer briefs are in soft comfortable cotton.

Funny costume boxer briefs.

Cool boxers with animal pattern

These  skin-tight boxer briefs with leopard or zebra pattern are very cool and sexy. They are in comfortable stretchy fabric and they are very nice to look at.

Printed leopard boxers.Printed leopard underwear for guys.

Animal pattern with animal heads

Are they playing peekaboo? I don’t know. Very cool and sexy underwear for sexy men.

 Cool patterned zebra boxers.      Cheeky printed leopard boxer briefs. Peekaboo pattern. 

Cheeky boxers with tiger head pattern.

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mens sex toys

Animals boxers

A very cool pair of boxers with wild animals pattern.

Mens printed wild animals boxers with long legs.

More boxers with animal pattern

These underwear are very cool with wild animals heads in front. You can buy them single but also in 4-pack. Leopard, lion, tiger and wolf patterned briefs.

Printed boxers with leopard pattern.Printed boxers with lion pattern.

Printed boxers with tiger pattern.Printed boxers with wolf pattern. Men's cheeky briefs.

Printed animal boxers

Printed reptile, monkey, fish, bear or lion. Unique and very nice long leg boxers.

Cool printed boxers with reptile pattern and long legs.Printed boxers with monkey pattern and long legs.

Printed boxer briefs with fish pattern and long legs. Tight fit.Printed boxer briefs with bear pattern. Tight fit with long legs.

Lion printed underwear. Cool boxers for men.   Cool printed lion boxers for men.

Perhaps you also like these with pattern in 3D. They sells in 3-pack. You can choose wolfs, owls or both.

Boxer briefs with animal pattern, wolf and owls. Sells in 3-pack.

Cool and Creepy boxers

Creepy black and white boxers with skulls for the tough guys.

Cheeky black boxers with creepy skulls pattern. Cheeky white boxers with creepy skulls pattern.

Cool boxers with nightmare faces or with skulls.

Creepy printed boxers with nightmare faces.Creepy patterned boxer briefs with skulls.

Printed boxers

Smooth and comfortable underwear. The fabric in 90% polyester and 10% elastane is stretchable in 4-ways.

Printed tight boxers in orange color.  Printed tight boxers in green color.

JOR’s cool boxer briefs

Nice pattern and nice design. Animal, garden, papaya or tiger pattern. I like them all.

Boxer briefs with animal pattern and short legs.Boxer briefs with garden pattern.

Boxer briefs with papaya pattern and short legs.Printed boxer briefs with tiger pattern.

Patterned boxers

Nice and modern pattern. They are in 4 ways stretchy fabric and have contoured pouch with closed fly.

Patterned tight boxers for men with long legs.Tight boxers for men with long legs and tech pattern.

Multi colored boxer briefs

If you like underwear in strong colors, look at these cool ones.

Multi colored boxer briefs. Tight fit with log legs. Multi colored boxer briefs.

Bamboo boxers

Long leg boxers in bamboo fiber material.

Printed boxers in bamboo material. Tight fit and long legs.Printed boxers in bamboo material with USA pattern. Tight fit and long legs.

Short leg boxers in bamboo fiber material.

Printed boxers in bamboo material with USA pattern. Tight fit and short legs.  Printed boxers in bamboo material. Tech pattern in black and yellow color.

These briefs sells in 4-pack, 6-pack and 8-pack.

Tech printed boxer briefs. Sells in 4-pack. Fabric in bamboo.  Printed boxers with short legs. Fabric in bamboo. Sells in 4-pack.

Some cool boxers

I just think these briefs are nice. The black boxers are a perfect gift for a guitar player. The other have cool pattern that suit any man.

Sexy boxers in strong color.Cool patterned boxers with guitar pattern.

The short legs boxers are in cotton the ones with long legs are in spandex, like a second skin. Very nice design. Good fit with the pouch for the package.

Mens chess patterned underwear. Boxers with short legs and tight fit.Mens chess patterned underwear. Boxers with long legs and tight fit.

Striped boxers

These cool boxers are comfortable with the pouch. Material: Cotton.


Striped boxer briefs in red and white color.Striped boxer briefs in black and white color.

SAXX boxers

These underwear have a tight comfortable fit. You find them in single green color and striped in red or black.

Comfortable green boxers with tight fit and long legs.Striped boxer briefs in red and white color. Tight fit.

Sexy boxers

These two have a elegant shiny, almost wet look. That makes them to a very sexy pair of boxers. You find them in other glossy colors too like blue silver and gold.

sexy wet looking boxer briefs in black color.  Sexy boxers with snake skin pattern.

Very nice and modern look because of their sexy stripes.

Sexy boxer briefs in a cheeky modern design.

Almost people loves kisses so sexy transparent boxers with lips all over can’t be wrong.

White see through boxers with red lips pattern.transparent red boxers with lips

What are they doing? What a naughty pattern!

Cheeky boxers with naughty pattern.

Sexy and funny boxers in cotton.

Cool boxers with the text "Beast in side". Short legs and black color.Cool boxers with the text "Beast in side". Short legs and white color.

Neon color

Comfortable nice boxers in strong colors. The customer who bought these were very pleased. They sells single or in 3-pack pink, green and white.

Boxer briefs in neon color. Tight fit in strong pink color.Boxer briefs in neon color. Tight fit in strong green color.

Satin boxers

These sexy boxers are in smooth and shiny satin.

Men's satin boxers in black color.Men's satin boxers in blue color.

Leather look sexy underwear

In shiny fabric with a zipper in front. Very nice and sexy boxers.

Sexy boxers with zipper in front.Red metallic color. Boxers with zipper in front. Sexy wet look underwear for men.

Cool boxer briefs

Long or short legs what do you prefer? The customer who have bought these have been very pleased. You find them in other colors too.

Black boxer briefs with short legs. Tight fit.Black boxer briefs with long legs and tight fit.

Some more funny boxers

Men’s soft and comfortable underwear. Fabric 94% cotton and 6% spandex. Funny print on the front.


Funny printed boxers with lips and the text "kiss me".  Funny printed boxers with the text "Happy to see you".

Men's funny underwear printed "chicks dig me". Boxers with tight fit.   Boxers printed "The man the legend". Funny underwear for men.

Cool boxers with unique pattern

These boxers have a very nice pattern like the sky or the ocean.

Men's boxers with sky pattern. Tight fit.Printed boxers with ocean pattern. Tight fit.

Transparent sexy boxer briefs

Sexy boxers you can see through. You are almost naken. You’ll show everything. They are also very breathable and nice to wear.

     Sexy transparent boxer briefs in black color.    Sexy transparent boxer briefs for men.

Men's see through trunks in black boxers for men

Sexy transparent black underpants for men.Transparent hipster panties for men.

Transparent sexy peekaboo boxers

Comfortable funny boxers in see through fabric. You find them in white, black and yellow color too.

Peekaboo boxer briefs in transparent fabric.    Peekaboo boxers. Sexy transparent underpants for men.

Microfiber underwear

Nice boxers from jockey.

Patterned boxers in microfiber. Tight fit.Boxers with long legs in microfiber. Tight fit.

Popular briefs style

These  low-rise briefs are very comfortable and popular. They really make you look good with the pouch for the package. The fabric cotton/modal. They are in small asian size and you must have a bigger size than normal. Because they look so nice the customer like them and the striped ones are a bestseller on Amazon. The other ones have cute dog footsteps all over.

Striped briefs in black and white. Funny patterned boxer briefs. White with dog footsteps

These are specially breathable and sells in 3-pack.

Breathable briefs in cotton. Sells in 3-pack.

Adidas boxers

The first ones are a bestseller on Amazon because of many pleasant customers. They sells in 2-pack.

Sporty boxers from Adidas. Long legs and tight fit. Sells in 2-pack.Sporty boxers from Adidas. Tight fit and long legs. Sells in 2-pack black and red color.

Nice camouflage pattern or single blue.

Adidas boxer briefs with camouflage pattern. Tight fit and long legs in green color.   Tight boxer briefs with long legs in blue color.

Nice design

Modern and very sexy boxers for sexy men.

Tight boxers with long legs. Cool and sexy design.    

Cute boxers

Do you like pink boxers with bananas or white with pink lips all over? I love them with bananas. They are so cute!

Cute boxers in pink color with bananas all over. Funny underwear for men.   Printed boxers with pink lips all over and the text "kiss me".

Pink funny boxers with cows all over or pink boxers you can see through.

Fun patterned boxers with cows all over. Loose fit.   pink see through boxers

Cute and sexy boxers

Silent but deadly” or “It wasn’t me!”,  witch one do you like best?

Boxers with funny snake pattern. Loose fit.Comical loose fitting boxers with the funny text "It wasn't me!".

Jeans boxers

Jeans are cool in all shapes and forms in my opinion. Most people like jeans, so you can’t really go wrong with  jeans boxers, as long as you get the right size.
  Jeans boxer shorts for men.Printed boxer briefs with jeans pattern.

All week boxers

Single colored boxers. They sells in 7-pack so you can wear a different color every day of the week. Or maybe you prefer  the black boxers with colored waistband? They are very nice too.

Single colored boxers. Tight fit and short legs. Sells in 7-pack. Black boxers with colored waistband. Sells in 7-pack.

Swim boxers

Boxer briefs is a usual style of men’s swimsuit. Most men on the beach wear swim briefs like these.

Swim boxer trunks. Tight fit with short legs. Black and blue color. Swimwear for men. Boxer trunks.

Patterned swim boxer trunks in blue color.Tight swim boxers in black color.

Printed swim boxers in blue color.Funny printed swim boxers.

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