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Birthday Gifts for Men (200 Gift Ideas for Men)

Birthday gifts for men, always the same problem. What should I buy for a present? On this page I will help you, by giving you some great suggestions for birthday gifts for men. Don’t buy something for the family to use. Try to find a personal gift that is only for him. What is his interests? Has he any hobbies? You’ll find about 200 gift ideas for men here below. Just scroll on! Hopefully you’ll find something here that you think he would like.

Birthday gifts for men

Funny gifts

A funny whiskey glass or coffee mug can be a nice birthday gift for any man.

Funny whiskey glass. Gift for dad.Fun mug as a gift.

Wheel cover set

Very nice set of 3 pcs faux wool covers that keep his hands warm in winter. You find it in several colors.

Wheel cover set in white faux wool. Set of 3 pcs .

Electric warming blanket

A warm blanket like one of these is so comfortable a cold evening in the sofa. It’s a very nice present to get.

Electric warming blanket.Electric warming fleece blanket.

Funny boxers

You’ll find a lot of funny boxers on this page. Funny underwear are perfect birthday gifts for men.

Boxers with funny pattern.


These nice bookends in heavy stainless steel would be an unique birthday gift.

Bookends in stainless steel as a fun gift.Bookends in stainless steel. Kung fu fighting.

Funny slippers

These funny bull dog and big foot slippers are a nice personal gift for men with frozen feet.

Men's funny bull dog slippers.Men's funny big foot slippers.

Perhaps a sex toy?

Visit this site and you find a lot of them sex toys for men.

Sex toys for men.

Cool T-shirt

Long-sleeved cotton t-shirt. Gift idea for tough guys.

Tough guys long-sleeved t-shirt with cool pattern.


Two beautiful necklaces for lovers. One piece for you and one for your boyfriend. They are nickel free.

Heart necklace for lovers.      Necklace for lovers.

The necklace with the cross is a bestseller on Amazon. A classic chain  is always nice. You can find them  in 18, 22 and 26 inches and 4 different colors.

Necklace with cross in gold and silver color.Men's classic necklace chain.

A nice fish bone in stainless steel.

Necklace with fish bone in stainless steel.

Electric massage pillow

Just relax in your favorite chair and get deep kneading massage with this nice pillow. It’s perfect for neck, lower- and upper-back but even for other muscles. The customer who have bought this product have been very pleased.

Electric massage pillow.

Microwave popcorn popper

A more healthy way to make popcorn in a microwave. Popcorn is moreover a better alternative for them who like snacks because there are not too many calories.

Microwave popcorn popper in silicone.

Towel set

Nice present for you and your boyfriend. Perfect for the beach. Perhaps for your honeymoon.

Towel set for couples with the text Mr and Mrs.

More gift ideas for men

Slippers instead of mops

Do you want him to clean the floor, you must buy him these. A funny way to clean the floors. A useful present for playful male.

Funny slippers for cleaning floor.

Mens funny t-shirts

These t-shirts would be great personal gifts for the right person.

Funny excuse for the men who always be late.

T-shirt for men with funny text.

This text suits the most men. “I may be wrong but it’s highly unlikely”.

Men's t-shirt with fun text in red color.Men's t-shirt with fun text in black color.

Sandwich maker

If he don’t already have a sandwich maker I think he’ll appreciate to get a gift with this one. It can grill sandwiches of any thickness quickly and easy. It’s a bestseller on Amazon. If you buy him a cookbook too, with ideas how to make delicious sandwiches it’ll be a perfect gift for any man.

Sandwich maker a perfect gift.   Panini press cookbook.

Hamburger press

The surface is non stick and you’ll make perfect round burgers.

Hamburger press.

Self balancing electric scooter or a segway mini

A convenient way to transport oneself short or longer routes. With a segway mini you even easily can  transport things at work. Look at this video how to use it.

These gifts the most men would love. They are both fun and useful.

Self balancing electric scooter in black color. 

3D – Art

You must see these pictures! The  picture changes between 3 different images.

Modern painting 3D art aquarium changing pictures.  Scary painting 3D art skulls changing pictures.

More art

4 panels tiger. Very nice over a bed or sofa.

Wall decoration 4 panels tiger.

A cool garden gift

A  fun gift for men are these solar paw steps. They sells in 4-pack. A very cool present for any man who own a garden.

Funny solar lights dog footsteps as a gift to a dog owner.

Activity wristband – gift for the active man

This activity wristband track workouts, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and steps.

Activity wristband.

Birthday gifts for men who loves cycling and beer

Cool cycling jerseys and socks for men who loves drinking beer.

Printed T-shirt with cool beer pattern for men. Funny gift for beer loving men. T-shirt with a big beer mug.

Cycling socks for beer loving men.Long sport socks with beer pattern as a gift for beer loving men.

 This bicycle repair stand is a bestseller on Amazon.

Bicycle repair stand as a gift for handy men.

Gift ideas for men who love fishing

Shorts with billfish bones.

Very nice and comfortable lightweight shorts in 100% polyester. They dry quickly. The black ones you find in several colors.


Men's shorts with billfish bones pattern..   Boardshorts with fish bone pattern for men.


Fishing shirts

Cool long sleeves shirts with fish pattern.


Long sleeve T-shirt with fish bone pattern as a gift for fishermen.Long sleeved t-shirt with fish pattern.

Long sleeved t-shirt with tuna pattern.

Fishing gifts

A fishing set with a telescopic spinning rod for saltwater or freshwater fishing. A full kit specially made for novice.


Fishing set with telescopic spinning rod and accessories.

Folding anchor

Complete folding anchor system. This is a bestseller on Amazon.

Complete folding anchor system.


Perhaps he need some help to find the fishes. I recommend this fishfinder. When he has found the fishes he perhaps need these two rod holder.

Fish finder a gift for a fisherman.Rod holder. Sells in 2-pack.

Birthday gifts for men who like playing guitar

Cool t-shirt and socks for guitar players.

T-shirt with guitar pattern.Socks for men with acoustic guitars pattern.

Socks for men with electic guitar pattern in black color.

Guitar picks with Vincent Van Gogh painting and a useful pick holder.

Guitar picks with Vincent Van Gogh painting.       Pickholder in black color.

Mini guitar for decoration

Length: 5.1 inches / 13cm (Top to Bottom)

Miniature guitar. Gift idea for guitar players.

3 pc set underwear

I haven’t seen set like this before. I think it’s a very nice gift for any mans birthday.


Underwear gift set for men. Briefs and socks.

Silky sheets

Smooth and silky wrinkle free sheets. You find them in other colors too.

Gift set with silky sheets in black color.


Birthday gifts for men who turns 30 or 40

A funny and perfect gift for the men who turn an important age. The fabric is in 100% ring spun cotton.


Men's 40 years birthday gift. T-shirt with the text "It took 40 years to look this good!".Men's 30 years birthday gift. T-shirt with the text "It took 30 years to look this good!"

Gifts for travelling men

Perfect for organize all stuff on the travel. 4-set of packing cubes and a smart travel toilet

.Packing cubes. Gift for traveling men. Travel toiletry in black color.

Travel towel and sheet

Microfiber towel. It dries fast, it’s light and compact. It takes up very little space in the travel bag. It’s also antibacterial. A travel sheet sleeping bag liner is also a good thing to bring.

Microfiber travel antibacterial towel in blue color. Travel sleeping bag.

Beach towels

Cool and funny towels in strong colors for bath or beach. Angry birds or a big shark.

Comic beach towel with angry birds pattern.Funny beach towel with angry birds pattern.

Funny beach towel with a big shark pattern.

Gift ideas for men who are golf enthusiasts

Very fun gifts for men who love to play golf. With the golf club-shaped pen and the golf mini they can practice golf on the desk top.

Gift for golf players. Golf mug with golf club and mini golf ball. Golf mug with club and mini golf ball.

Funny tees

6 ladies with panties or 20 naked ladies. A funny gift for a golf friend.

  Fun golf tees as a gift. Lady in panties. Sells in 6-pack.  Funny golf tees. Naked ladies.

Professional golf balls

A fun gift that make him smile. A golf balls picker I think he’ll appreciate too.

Funny professional golf balls. Emoji golf balls. Sells in 12-pack.  Golf balls picker. Gift for lazy men.

GPS golf watch with worldwide courses 

This golf watch is a bestseller on Amazon.  It’s preloaded with over 30,000 courses worldwide and free lifetime course updates.

GPS golf watch with over 30,000 preloaded worldwide courses.


All he need for perfect photos. Perhaps he need this book too.

Camera set with a lot of accessories.  Book canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D for dummies.


Cute and funny USB memory. The guitar 8 GB. The finger 16 GB. The wine cork 8, 16, 32 or 64 GB. The banana is a 4-port USB hub. This is something everyone need. You can’t get too many. It’s perfect birthday gifts for men.

A small gift. USB memory stick 8 GB. Guitar shape.Funny little gift a USB memory stick 16 GB as a finger shape.

Cool USB memory stick as a wine cork shape.

USB organizer

Perhaps he need a nice bag like this for all his USB drives. It’s waterproof and have a lot of pockets.


USB memory stick organizer.

More bracelets

The first one is in sterling silver. The second is a dragon in stainless steel.

Bracelet in sterling silver.Gift for men's birthdays.Bracelet dragon in stainless steel for men.

Cool cufflinks – perfect birthday gifts for men

A cool pair of cufflinks it’s a nice gift for men. I think these are really nice and I think they would be an appreciated gift.

Cool cufflinks. Gift for men who like skulls pattern.

Cool cufflinks as a motorbike shape.Cool cufflinks watch shape.



Perhaps any of these cookbooks is a good gift idea for you? He’ll be a master of grilling and invite you to dinner. If he loves burgers or pizza, give him a book to learn how to make them by himself.

Cookbook about how to barbecue.   Cookbook about grilling and smoking meat.

Cookbook with burgers recipes.   Cookbook how to make pizza.


When he cook he needs timers. Preferably more than one. These sells in 4 pack. They have magnetic back, retractable stand and a hook. They are very easy to use.

Digital timers. Sells in 4 pack.

 Oven mitt for cooking

A cool alligator or a cool shark? The main point he don’t get burned.

Funny oven mitt as a alligator shape. Funny oven mitt as a shark shape.

These mitts are in silicone. They are extra long and have a comfortable quilted inner liner.  The customer who bought them were very pleasant.

Silicone oven mitts in black color.Silicone oven mitts in light blue color.

Mugs that change color

This cool coffee or tea mug is sensitive for cold and heat. It change color from black to white and then the monster become visible.

 Scary zombie mug that change color when it is cold and hot.

Whiskey decanter

Most men like whiskey, so any of these gift ideas would be an appreciated gift.

A modern designed glass globe or a set with decanter and 6 glasses in classic style. Both are bestsellers on Amazon.

Whiskey decanter glass globe.     Whiskey decanter set.

More decanter styles

Whiskey decanter with tap.Decanter for whiskey or bourbon. Mouthwash dispenser with a ship inside and a tap.

Perhaps a skull for the tough guys who like this style .

 Whiskey glasses skulls shape.

Twist or tilt whiskey glasses

Very nice design. Both sells in set of two. Which one do you prefer? I think any of these would be a nice birthday package.

Twist whiskey glasses. Tilt whiskey glasses.

Don’ forget these. He wants cold whiskey without water.

Ice balls for whiskey.  Whiskey stones.

Cold cool skulls in the whiskey. Very nice. They are in stainless steel.

Whiskey stones as skulls shape.

Euro palettes coasters

These cool coasters sells in 5-pack. They are useful for all kind of cold or hot drinks. Perhaps you want a forklift too. It’ll be cool and funny birthday gifts for men.

Euro palette coasters set. Funny gift a forklift to move beer glass.

Drink markers

Funny drink markers. Men and women take a bath in the drink.

Funny drink markers. Men in swimwear. Sells in 6-pack.Funny drink markers. Women in swimwear.

Cocktail muddler and mixing spoon

With these tools in stainless steel you can muddle citrus fruits, herbs and other ingredients for drinks.

Cocktail muddler and mixing spoon in stainless steel.

 Multi tool in credit card size

Survival-tool with screwdriver, saw, knife, can opener, ruler, butterfly screw wrench, bottle opener, sun compass and 2 position wrench. A perfect tool for camping, fishing etc.

Multi tool in credit card size.

Multi tool for handy mens birthdays

This one has 20 tools in 1 and is a bestseller on Amazon.

Multi-tool pocket size. Gift for handy men.

Travel hammock

This is a lightweight portable hammock in nylon. When it’s packed down the size is small like a book. Perfect for camping. Hammock tree straps set for reaching the trees.

Travel hammock in lightweight material. Gift for lazy days.  Hammock straps for reaching the trees.

Travel umbrella

Small and compact umbrella. The wind-defying construction do that the umbrella doesn’t turn inside out. Automatic open and close function. It is just 11½” long and weighs less than 1 lb. It’s a bestseller on Amazon.


Travel umbrella in black color.

Mushroom farm

If he likes mushroom this will be a perfect gift. It just takes 10 days to grow your own mushroom.

Growing kit. A mushroom farm.

Personalized handmade hip flask

A unique handmade gift with personalized design and his name on. The flasks are in stainless steel and the size is 8 oz. They fits perfectly in a pocket.

Personalized hip flask.Handmade personalized pocket flask as a personalized gift.


All guys love boobs. This pillow I think is a perfect gift for any guy. It’s a funny gift for all breast loving men.

Breast pillow, a funny gift for breast lovers.

Warming birthday gifts for men

Nice patterned long johns for cold days. You’ll find more like these here.

Long johns in cotton with stars pattern.Modern patterned long johns with big checks.

Thermal socks

Mens warming socks for cold winter days. No frozen toes any more. The first one you find in a lot of colors and pattern.

Men's warm keeping thermal socks in black color. Gift for cold feet.Thermal socks in cotton.

Sporty and funny socks

The sporty no-show socks are a bestseller on Amazon. The other ones are a colorful happy gift for any man.

nporty No-show socks. Sells in 6 pack.Fun dress socks in a gift box.


Compression leggings

These are breathable and comfortable for active men.  They stretch in 4 ways. The fabrics keep you dry.

Mens patterned multicolored compression leggings.

Picnic outside

A small wine table in bamboo that you just stick in the ground. Two glasses of wine and some good cheese and you have a romantic date with your boyfriend. The wine holder and glass holders are very nice too. Just stick them in the grass or in the sand on the beach.

Wine table for the beach.Bottle and glasses holder for picnic.

Funny birthday gifts for men

Useful and sexy gifts; an apron for the man who likes to cook or grill and a funny towel that will suit any man.

Apron with a sexy mans body.Cheeky towel with a printed butt.

Pizza cutter and towel

A pizza cutter and a beach towel for the men who are interested in motorbikes.

Pizza cutter as a motorbike shape.Beach towel with Harley Davidson pattern.

Funny mug and t-shirt

These two are very funny gift ideas for men who love to ride motorcycles. I just love the mug. It’s really funny. I must buy one myself. It’ll be a perfect gift to my friend. It’ll be a perfect gift for any motorcycle enthusiast. The t-shirt is very nice too.

Funny mug for motorcycle lovers birthdays.Funny t-shirt for men who love to ride motorcycles.

Cycling shorts

These shorts are for the men who bicycles a lot. They have pads of silicone gel so the sadle won’t hurt. They are in a breathable fabric. The gloves are for cycling too. They are both bestsellers on Amazon.

Men's padded cycling shorts.   Cycling gloves.

Eau de toilette spray

Nautica Voyage is the bestselling eau de toilette spray on Amazon. Ed Hardy is a cologne gift set for men. The Cuba gold bucket includes, cologne, aftershave, body spray, and a small cologne for travels. The set that looks like 4 cigars is eau de toilette spray with cuba gold, blue, red and orange.

Eau De Toilette. Spray for men.     Men's cologne gift set.

Gift set with 5 pcs cologne, aftershave etc.       Eau de toilette spray as cigar shape in a gift box.

 Mobile holder and charger

Let the mobile stand up on a table with this cool holder in silicone. The other one is a charging dock station for Iphone and Ipad.


Funny mobile holder in silicone.Charging dock station for Iphone and Ipad.

Light up tie

This tie is cool to wear to the party. It certainly gets you attention. Especially for a man who likes to dance. With this you won’t go unnoticed on the dance floor.

Lightup tie.

Bottle insulator 6-pack

Keep your beer cold with these stylish bottle insulators in nice colors.

 Bottle insulators in strong single colors.   

Dress shirts

Two dress shirts in slim fit models. The first one you can get in a nice green or white color as well.

Dress shirt in strong pink color with black details. Dress shirt in black color. Slim fit.

Birthday gifts for men – dad

If you don’t find something you like to buy for dad or grandpa above, I suggest here below some gift ideas specially for dad.

Engraved hammer

A functional hammer, engraved ” Thank you for helping me build my life.”

Engraved hammer, thanks to dad. A personilized gift.

Coffee mugs

Tell him that he is the best father with a coffee mug.

Coffee mug a birthday gift for best dad ever.Coffee mug in glass with the text "Best Dad Ever".

T-shirt for the handy dad

T-shirt with the text “Keep calm and papa will fix it”.

T-shirt with funny text as a birthday gift for the handy dad.

Guitar pick

Is dad a guitar player? Why not give him a pick like this with personal text.

Personalize guitar pick as a gift for dad.

Birthday gifts for men – grandpa

T-shirt for grandad

If your grandad is a motorbike enthusiast  you must buy him one of these. It’ll be a perfect gift for him. I promise he’ll love it.

T-shirt for grandad who rides motorbikeT-shirt for grandpas who love motorbikes

Perfect gifts for a handy grandpa.

T-shirt with text "Keep calm and pop-pop will fix it".T-shirt with short sleeves and the text "Best pop-pop ever".

Salt and pepper shaker set

Magnet keep grandma and grandpa together kissing each other. Very cute.

Salt and pepper set grandma and grandpa kissing.

Funny christmas gifts

Socks with Rudolph. Everyone love Rudolph.

Christmas socks with Rudolph pattern for men.Men's funny christmas gift. Socks with Rudolph pattern.

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