Best Briefs for Men

Are you looking for the best briefs for men? On this page I’ll show you a few that I’m fond of.

Perhaps you don’t want to feel sexy every day. Sometimes you just want to feel cool. These briefs you can wear any day, no matter the occasion. They are both comfortable and look nice.

It’s very important for your feelings what you wear under your clothes. I recommend that you afford the best cool underwear you can get. It’s worth it. You will feel so good! Your lover will also really appreciate it I promise you. How boring isn’t it with old washed-out underwear. Eww it’s awful!

Look at these below. I’ve chosen the most cool briefs I could find.

Best briefs for men

Cotton boxer briefs

Comfortable cotton boxer briefs. Nice for any man to wear.

comfortable, modern design cotton briefs boxer style   cotton boxer briefs 6-pack red

More boxer briefs in cotton

Pink boxers with cool ladies and cars pattern or boxers all in black. Danish quality in 100% cotton. Sells in 2-pack.

pink cotton boxer briefs ladies and cars pattern cotton boxer briefs black 2-pack

Do you think boxers are the best briefs for you? Visit this site and you’ll find a lot of them.

Funny boxer briefs

Breathable briefs

Comfortable underwear in stretchy modal. They have low rise and pouch in front.

Best briefs for men in strong colors.

Cool and funny briefs

Briefs with a zipper and belt or perhaps a bull for the tough guys.

Briefs with zipper and belt.Briefs with bull

I must show you these too!

Little Dick is playing peekaboo. He’s so cute!

briefs peekaboo

Briefs in strong colors

Briefs in strong colors for the sporty guys, although they work well for anyone. Colored, nice briefs like these give you a fresh feeling. You look very sexy as well.

 mens neon colored panties bikini style

              yellow cool panties for men bikini style

G-strings or thongs

If you like small and sexy undies like these, take a look on this site.

mens sexy G-strings

Animal briefs

Leopard briefs

Briefs with animal patterns are always cool. Any man can wear them and feel sexy.

mens leopard briefs      sexy animal briefs for men leopard pattern

Zebra briefs

Tiny zebra briefs or briefs with more place for the package.

bikini briefs zebra pattern mens animal briefs zebra pattern

More sexy briefs

Low-rise briefs. Fabric cotton/modal. A very popular briefs style. They are comfortable with a pouch for the package.

low-rise black sexy briefslow-rise white briefs cotton

Men’s sexy jockstraps

Perhaps you prefer this kind of underwear. They are made of soft breathable mesh material.

Jockstraps in breathable mesh material.

Swim briefs

Briefs is a usual style of men’s swimsuit. They’re  even called racing briefs and wears in competitive swimming. I’ve chosen some in different pattern. American flag, snakes skin, strong colors and at last a very sexy black one. These are only a few example. If you go to their homepage there are a lot of swim briefs in different pattern and styles.

swim briefs american flag 

swim briefs strong colors bikini style sexy swim briefs black metallic


Other styles of briefs:

Briefs in leather imitations

Sexy sissy panties