Mens briefs history in 20th century

April 9, 2016 0

Mens briefs history Below you find a short summary of the mens briefs history. When the union suits, boxer shorts, jockey briefs etc. introduced and became popular. […]

Textile Painting on Briefs

February 28, 2016 0

If you are looking for a unique gift to a special friend, you  may try textile painting.  It’s very easy to create personal unique briefs with some textile colors and a […]

My Animated Man in Lingerie

February 27, 2016 0

Hey, I’m glad you’re visiting my site. I like to create animated pictures and I’ve decided to save them on this site as a bonus for you. Below you […]

Temporary Tattoos

February 13, 2016 0

Have you anytime tested temporary tattoos or fake tattoos like these before? If not, test it. These are easy to apply and easy to remove. They are waterproof. I think […]

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