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Sexy Aprons, Funny Moneybox, Costume T-shirts etc.

Are you looking for funny and cool gifts for men? Maybe you’ll find something you like on this page. Perhaps any of this sexy aprons, a funny money box or perhaps a costume t-shirt would be something for you. I’ll also give you some other tips what you can buy. Below I present my suggestion for cool and funny gifts for men. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Sexy aprons

Sexy aprons like these three is both useful and funny. Wearing it when you serve the dinner or drinks on a party it’ll become success.

apron sexy mans bodyapron womans body lingerie

apron womans body bikini

More cool aprons…

Oven gloves

A moose for the hunter or a cow to the farmer or perhaps you prefer the green extra long gloves in silicone.

oven glove moose

oven gloves silicone

Magnetic wristband

Perfect for the handyman. Strong magnets embedded the wristband are holding the screws, bolts, screwdriver bits, even the tools. You get free hands for working.


magnetic wristband screwholder magnetic wristband holding tools

Men’s sex toys

Buy a new sex toy for your boyfriend. You find a lot of exciting sex toys here.

Sex toys for men.

Pizza cutters

Everyone like pizza, but everyone haven’t a funny and useful pizza cutter like these.


pizza scissorspizza cutter monkey

pizza cutter chopper motorbikepizza cutter motorbike

Small funny men

One little cool red man or perhaps the whole family. It’s a perfect gift for a person who likes drinking wine. Buy him a bottle of good wine too. It ‘s a funny present that will appreciated. The design make you smiling.

small red man bottle opener              four funny bottles opener

Wine tools

5 pcs wine tools in an elegant bottle. Wine stopper, wine bottle opener, wine drip ring, wine foil cutter and wine poured. If you like to have a glass of wine, sitting on the grass or on the beach you must have a set like this. Just stick it in the ground and it will be no risk for spilling or breaking glass any longer.

Wine tools 5 pcs set in a bottle

Fruit and snacks gifts

Are you looking for a healthy gift perhaps the one with dried fruits and nuts are something for you. In the basket you find snacks with chocolate, caramel and crunchy treats.

  snacks with chocolate and caramel in a basket

Funny money box

I really like this one. A butt to put money in. It’s very funny. A cool gift for your friend.

moneybox butt

Light up ties

You have seen it on Today show. This can blink or just light and you find it in many different colors. It’s perfect for the party. Perhaps you prefer a light up bow tie.

 lightup tie   light up bow tie

Pens with stripper

A pen like this is a classic. Tip the pen and he or she will strip for you. Have it on your office and your clients will smile and comment it. The pen will break the ice.

stripper pen malestripper pens female        

Eyeglasses holder

A place for the glasses so you don’t need to search for them any longer. They’ll also look nice on the shelf or on the night table.

eyeglasses holder        eyeglasses holder dog

Crazy socks

Do you like these Zombie and Werewolf socks or perhaps the other pair? I like the design very much. They are so cool!

funny sockscool socks for men

Cool towels and soap

Funny gifts for everyone. The towel with the butt I like best. I must buy a pair of them myself, for gifts for my friends. It’ll  be success in the sauna. It’ll be a large number of laugh.

towel face butt    soap face butt towel with butt

 Orthopedic foam seat

For them with lumbar pain this is the perfect gift. They can use it on any chair for example an office chair, car seat etc. The customer have been very satisfied.

orthopedic foam seat

Grill thermometer

Best digital thermometer for all kind of meat. It’s very easy to use. You get the temperature results in seconds. You can use it both indoor in the kitchen and outdoor when you are grilling. Everyone needs a thermometer like this. The meat will be perfect!

Digital cooking thermometer


A pair of cool, funny or sexy briefs always works as a gift for men.

Take a look at these pages:

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This was my tips for cool gifts for men. I  hope you found something you liked.

By the way, I definitely recommend that you check out this page as well, where I list some awesome birthday gifts for men. Just click on the picture.

Gifts for men you find here.

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