Fake tattoos, Boa, Long gloves, Wigs, More

Fake tattoos are perfect to use just for a night and impress your friends. They are easy to apply and remove. The temporary tattoos below are completely waterproof and generally last for up to five days.

Here are a few of my absolute favorites. I prefer temporary tattoos over permanent ones because I know there’s a risk I would regret them. I love to choose a particular tattoo for a special night. Temporary tattoos give me the ability to change whenever I want to. At one occasion I may want a beautiful tattoo with flowers or  hearts while sometimes I prefer a cooler tattoo, perhaps a snake.

Fake tattoos

Fake tattoos

And here are a few naughty and macho tattoos.. For the real men.

Temporary Tattoos pin-up          Temporary Tattoos macho

More fake tattoos…


Everyone needs to have a boa in their closet. A sexy dance with a boa after a tasty drink, your partner will either laugh or turn on. It will become a successful evening.

 boa in many colors boa black and redboa red

  boa purple boa hat

Long gloves

Wearing long gloves is always very elegant.

long pink gloves    long black gloves


Long and lovely hair in strong colors. You’ll feel like a queen for a night. Everyone will notice you.

   wig purple       wig red

wig blond


Cool party lashes or false lashes for a beautiful natural look.

party lashes       false eyelashes