Temporary Tattoos

Have you anytime tested temporary tattoos or fake tattoos like these before? If not, test it. These are easy to apply and easy to remove. They are waterproof. I think you and your partner both would like it.  If you wear it on a party the guests find something to talk about and I think they want to test it themselves. There are many different sort of pictures to choose between. There are tattoos for everyone.

Cool temporary tattoos

Sexy tattoos

Snake tattoos always are very cool and sexy. Both men and women can have a snake tattoo. On the back as you can see on the picture, on the arm, between your breasts or whatever you like. A beautiful rose and a creepy snake together is nice.

temporary tattoos snake     snake and rose tattoo

Tattoos as jewelry

Tattoos in gold and silver or all in black. You can use they instead of jewelry. A necklace and a bracelet works everyday and when it’s party you can’t have too many tattoos.

temporary tattoos in gold and silver    temporary tattoos in black

Fake tattoos in blue

Wonderful blue roses and a blue feather. They are feminine and just beautiful.

   temporary tattoo feather

A scorpion or a rose

A scorpion for the tough and masculine guys and a beautiful rose for the more feminine persons.

Temporary tattos scorpion     temporary tattoos roses

Talking hands

Animals who can talk and eat just for fun even for an adult. Dress the table with one of these  and some water to everyone on the party and see what happens. I promise that it’ll be a lot of fun around the table. They are very easy to apply with only water.

hand tattoos animal

Dragon and cobra tattoos

Perhaps you want a dangerous tattoo like one of these. They are both very cool. The dragon looks nice in is strong colors and the cobra has an evil look and are more sexy.

dragon tattoo

Birds tattoos

Only one bird or a whole flock of birds. What do you prefer?

bird tattoo flock of birds tattoo

More cool tattoos…

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