Mens Silky Robes – Mens Sexy Pajamas

I’ll show you on this site both how mens silky robes and how mens sexy pajamas may look as my taste. Silky underwear gives a sense of luxury and class. An elegant robe or pyjamas is a very nice gift to someone you love.

Mens silky robes

Kimono robes

These robes are cool and sexy in their glossy fabric. They are comfortable to wear and smooth to touch. You find them also in red color.


mens silky robes bluemens gold robe

Luxurious chiffon robe

This short one is a very simply and sexy robe. It’s as nice in black as in white.

Mens luxurious chiffon robe whiteMens luxurious chiffon robe black

Mens sexy robes

Sleeveless silky robe with hood for sexy guys. You find them in white and grey color too.

mens sexy sleeveless robemens silky sleeveless robe

Silky robes

These nice robes you find in a lot of colors.

mens silky bathrobe pinkmens silky bathrobe green

mens silky bathrobe blackmens silky bathrobe white

Mens silky robes with dragon pattern

Unisex silky kimono with embroidered chinese dragon on the back.


mens robe with embroidered chinese dragon dark blue silky fabricmens robe with embroidered chinese dragon red silky fabric

Satin robes

These silky robes have a smooth satin outside and a brushed cotton inside.


mens satin robe greymens striped satin robe

Long lightweight robes in glossy satin.

mens long satin robe greymens long satin robe blue

Mens genuine silk robes

Luxury 100% silk robes. If you want a robe of high quality you should choose one in silk. It’s a special feeling to wear a such a robe.


mens luxury silk robe burgundymens luxury silk robe dark blue

The silk robes below you find in red, black and grey color too.

mens 100% silk robe whitemens 100% silk robe purple full length

Funny silky robe

Mens Superman robe in blue satin. If you like Superman you must have slippers like these too.

Mens Superman robe in blue satinmens Superman slippers

Superman bath robe

These bath robes are in warming fleece material.

mens Superman hooded robe

Satin robe and pajamas

These smooth and silky nightwear are very nice together.


robe, shorts and slippers satin set for men pink                       pajama pink satin for men

Mens sexy pajamas

Satin sleepwear

This is a very elegant and sexy set of robe and shorts in smooth satin.

robe and shorts in satin for men

Robe and boxer set

Cool mens sexy pajamas set in blue silky fabric. You find it even in black color.

mens silky robe and boxer set dark bluemens silky robe and boxer set blue

Sexy pajamas set

Short sleeved top with V-neck and boxers in silky satin. These two set you find in several pattern and colors.


mens satin pajamas set short sleeved top V-neck and boxer shortsmens satin pajamas set short sleeved top with V-neck and boxer shorts grey

If you prefer a top with collar you have two nice set here.

Pajamas set with short sleeves and long pants.

mens red pajamas with short sleeves and long pants  Pajamas set with short sleeves and long pants for guys.

Cotton nightwear set

Soft and comfortable pajamas set in modal and cotton. Short sleeved t-shirt and shorts for summer nights.


mens sleepwear short sleeved t-shirt and shorts cotton greymens sleepwear short sleeved t-shirt and shorts dark blue

Funny pajamas

Mens Hulk pajamas and mens pajamas with cartoon series heroes as Hulk, Spiderman and Phantom.

mens Hulk pajamasmens cartoon pajamas

Sleepwear set

Tank and shorts in cotton modal material. Nice and sexy pajamas.

mens cotton pajamas set tank and shorts redmens cotton pajamas set tank and shorts white

Nice cotton pajamas

Comfortable pajamas with short-sleeved shirt and shorts.  Very nice sleepwear. You find it in some more colors and pattern too.

mens cotton short-sleeved pajamas bluemens cotton short-sleeved pajamas with shorts

Funny sleeping pants

Sleeping pants with sesame street pattern, Ernie and Bert.

mens funny sleeping pants orangeMens Sesame street sleeping pants

Simpsons cotton sleepwear

Very cool and funny patterned sleepwear. The whole family Simpsons. You can buy only the sleeping pants or both the top and bottom.

Family simpsons sleeping pantsFamily simpsons sleeping t-shirt

The Simpsons sleep pants

This funny sleepwear are for the big guys. Size XL – 6XL.

Simpsons sleeping pants for big guys

Funny sleepwear shorts

Comfortable and funny boxers. Perfect gift for a friend.

funny sleepwear boxer shorts

You’ll find a lot of funny boxers here.

100% silk boxers

If you like to sleep in your briefs you must have at least one pair in pure silk. It’s a nice feeling to wear them and you will sleep well.

100% silk boxers sleepwear

Silky pajamas set

Mens sexy pajamas in smooth and shiny fabric. Comfortable sleepwear for guys with style.


silky pajamas set for men long sleeve and long pantssilky patterned pajamas set for men short sleeve and long pants

If you like strong blue color this satin pajamas is very nice too.

mens silky pajamas set striped satin blue

These silky pajamas set you find in size M – 3XL.

mens silky pajamas set with black stripes   mens sexy satin pajamas set striped

Mens classic sleepwear.

Pattern in red or navy color. Silky fabric in 100% polyester.

mens patterned satin pajamas set redmens patterned satin sleepwear set navy blue

100% silk pajamas

Luxury sexy pajamas in pure silk.

mens 100% silk pajamas redmens 100% silk pajamas striped black and white

These evan more luxery pajamas are in mulberry silk. Very elegant sleepwear for men with class.

mens mulberry silk pajamas whitemens mulberry silk pajamas plum colormens sexy mulberry silk pajamas black

Silk shorts

Comfortable boxers in 90% pure silk. Sells in 3-pack.


silk boxers sleepwear 3-pack

You will sleep well in a sexy silky pajamas,  but if you want to do something more exciting, you must look on this site. I’m sure you’ll find some sex toys you like.

mens sex toys

If you are looking for a gift to a man just look on this site.

Birthday gifts for men

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