Mens Sex Toys – (100 Male Toys for Adults)

Mens sex toys enhances the mood in the bedroom. So why not use them as a complement. Everything that helps you  turn on and reach the climax is a good investment. On this page I’ll give you some suggestions for sex toys for men. You find vibrating toys, cock rings, butt toys, fake vagina, sex toys for bondage sex and sex dolls.  All stuff on this page are toys for adults. Most of them are male toys but some are for both men and women. I hope you find something you like and that will help you get a better sex life.

Mens sex toys

Travel masturbation cup

The customers that have bought this sex toy have been very satified. The material feels like real skin. It is a perfect toy for adults to take along on the trip. Over 8 million of this little nice masturbation Cup have been sold worldwide. You will find more models further down the page. You will also find such a tail like the little man on the right has.

man with tail

travel masturbation cup

Jumpsuit cockring

Sexy male toy. You find them in other colors too.

jumpsuit cockring orangejumpsuit cockring black

Sex games

Play one of these dice game. It’s a nice and exciting foreplay before the sex act.

sex game for adultssex toys game

These black dice have 60 foreplay options. Sexy truth and dare sticks is a bestseller on Amazon.

sex game black dicesexy game truth and dare sticks

Furniture for sex games

Loving chair

An erotic sex toy that give you opportunity to experiment a lot of new sex positions.


erotic sex positions chair

A very nice furniture in faux leather which invites to sex.

sex furniture in black faux leather

Penis head vibrator

Most customer who have bought this vibrating toy have been very pleased.

penis head vibrator

Multi sex tool

Waterproof multifunctional sex toy for adults, both men and women. Vibrator for sexual stimulation of genitals and nipples. Just look at the picture. Material latex free silicone.

multi sex vibrator for men and women

Penis enhancer

If you want a cock extender, I can recommend these two. Nice transparent material with pleasure nubs.

transparent penis enhancertransparent penis extender

Anal plugs – butt toys

These little nice ones are for the beginners. They are like jewelry.

anal plug beginnersanal toy for beginners pink pearl

This waterproof and vibrating anal plug is for the more advanced users. This sex toy is a bestseller on Amazon.

waterproof vibrating anal plug

Anal plug kit in silicone.

anal plug kit black silicone

Mens anal sex toys with beads.

anal plug with beads blackmens anal sex plug with beads and pull ring

Mens anal toys in glass.

anal toy in glassglass penis anal toy

Butt plugs with tails.

A man with a tail that dancing is pretty exciting.

anal plug with tail browntail butt plug black and blue

Why not a red tail butt plug?

red tail butt plug  butt plug with tail for adults

Sissy underwear

If you get excited about wearing sexy underwear like these, just click here and you’ll find a lot of them.

Sissy panties

If you want a sexy bodystocking, you’ll find them here.

mens bodystockings

Cleaner for sex toys

Don’ forget these products!

Sexual lubricant and antibacterial cleaner for sex toys.

sexual lubricant      antibacterial cleaner for sex toys

Lubricant  launcher

Easy to inject your favorite lubricant.

lubricant launcher blue

Enema bulb

With this bulb you easy can douche and clean inside you. It’s a bestseller on Amazon.

enema bulb

Mini shower head

Perfect for deep douche of rectum or vagina.

vaginal rectal cleaning shower head

Shower enema system

All you need to wash you completely clean. The set comes with 4 tips and extra long 6 foot hose. Perfect for rectal or vaginal cleaning.

Shower enema system

Oral sex lubricant

Made from 95% Aloe Vera – 100% vegan. PH balanced for a women’s body.

Natural sex lube or with taste of peppermint and pina colada.

sex lubricant natural aloe vera

Oral sex lubricant peppermintsex lubricant aloe vera with taste of pina colada

Mens sex toys for prostate stimulation

Are you looking for a vibrating anal toy? Perhaps any of these prostate massagers can fall to your taste. Wouldn’t a pink or purple  vibrating butt plug be nice?


vibrating prostate stimulator anal plug pinkvibrating prostate massager purple

vibrating anal toy prostate stimlater blackvibrating prostate stimulator mens anal toy pink

This anal toy have 12 speeds vibration and 3 functions of tickling in the head.

mens vibrating anal toy with prostate stmulation

Boy butter

Popular lubricant with coconut and vegetable oil. Can or squeeze bottle.

boy butter lubricantboy butter lubricant squeeze bottle

Mens sexy briefs

These sexy thongs in PU leather and a new sex toy, will give you an amazing sexual experience with your partner.

mens sexy thongs in PU leather

If you like this style of underwear you’ll find more here.

Mens sexy leather underwear

Chastity device

Lock up his dick in a small cage like one of these. And let it out when you decide.

male chastity device stainless steelmens chastity device stainless steel


Chastity device black siliconeChastity device red lock up the dick

Masturbation cup

This sex toy is vibrating, heating and sucking. It’ll give you an amazing sexual experience. A very nice toy for men.

masturbation cup vibrating heating and sucking

Hands-free electric masturbation toy

Adjustable penis tie

This little tie keeps your dick up.

Adjustable penis tie

Mens sex toys – Cock rings

Cock rings are very common and appreciated sex toys. The ring threads on the root on an erect penis. It keeps the blood in the penis and thus prolongs the erection.

Three black rings and one with a cool demon.

black cock rings 3-packcock ring with demon

Lips cock rings. Cute and sexy toys for adults.

lips cock rings

Vibrating cock rings for extra stimulation.

vibrating cock ring pink

These little nice sex toys are vibrating penis rings, that stimulates clitoris at the same time. Very nice for both of you.

cock ring that stimulates clitoris

Vibrating lips

Sexy penis ring. Soft and tight.

sexy lips penis ring

Vibrating cock ring with vibrating butt plug

If you like when it vibrates you must test this lovely sex toy.

vibrating cock ring with vibrating anal plug

Male vibrating sex toy

Prostate and anus massager with cock ring.

Prostate and anus massager with cock ring mens toy for maturbation

Mens sex toys – masturbation toys

Natural fake vagina in silicone. Cup style or a whole body? Just choose what you like best. Anal sex or oral sex.

masturbation cup vagina 

mens sex toys fake pussy in siliconenatural pocket pussy for masturbation

Sex toys for men who turn on butts. Natural silicone butts for masturbation.

male toys fake pussy

male sex toy butt and pussy brown           masturbation toy butt and pussy brown

Realistic mouth for oral sex

If you love oral sex, look at these natural and nice male sex toys for masturbation.

sex toy for men mouth

sex toy brown mouth

Anal and pussy masturbator

Very realistic masturbation toy for adult male.


Realistic anal and pussy masturbator

You can see a video about this product here: 

Sex toys for adults – Bondage set

A whole set with sexual tools. If you like the bondage (BDSM) style or want to test it, I can recommend these set. Everything you need for erotic hot nights. Stuff for both the active partner and for the slave. Use it for sexual exciting roleplaying.

bondage setbondage set red

bondage sex toys set purple bondage handcuffs set

Harness panties with or without anal plug

Mens leather belt panties for bondage sex games.

mens leather belt panties for bondage sex gamesmens bondage leather panties

Male chastity belt in stainless steel.

Male chastity belt in stainless steel

Male bondage costume

Sexy costume in faux leather for bondage sex lover.

mens leather bondage sex costume

Men’s leather body harness

This costume is comfortable and easy to wear. A nice sex toy for adults.

Men's leather body harness

Leather whips

If you like bondage roleplaying, you need whips like these.

leather whip for bondage sex gamesfeather whip for sex games

blue leather whip for bondage sexwhip for sex games blue floggers

If you prefer a hand paddle for spanking, you have two nice in leather here.

hand paddle for sex gamesleather hand paddle for bondage sex games

Mouth plugs

Leather belt with silicone dog bone.


mouth plug dog bone for bondage sex blackmouth plug dog bone for bondage sex red

Dick leash

Mens leash set cock ring and chain.

Dick leash set. Cock ring and chain.

Slave neck ring

Slave sex toys for exciting foreplay and hot nights.

slave sex toy for roleplayslave necklace for leash

Satin eye mask

Sex toy for hot nights with exciting blind sex games. You find it in several colors.

satin eye mask for bondage sex

Police officer or sailor costume

Sexy costumes for roleplay games. A foreplay with one of these would be very nice.

sexy police officier costume   mens sexy sailor costume


These are bestsellers on Amazon. They are in heavy steel and have double lock.

handcuffs for sex games black

These leather handcuffs are nice too.

leather handcuffs black for bondage sex

Rope for sex games

10 meter soft cotton bondage rope (2-pack) for hot bondage sex.

bondage sex rope 2-pack black and red

Perhaps you need this scissor to cut throw the rope.

scissor to cut throw tough materials

Bondage tape

Tape your partner with this shiny tape. It only sticks to itself. You find it in light pink too.

glossy bondage tape black shiny bondage tape red

Pinwheel for sex games

These sex instruments are in stainless steel. You can heat them up in warm water or have them in the freezer for higher sensation.


pinwheel sex tool stainless steel bondage pinwheel for sex games

Pinwheel and a cool finger tickler.

pinwheel and finger tickler for sex games

Anal hook

A sex toy for adults that like bondage roleplaying.

anal hook for bondage role play stainless steel

Low temperature drip candle

For romantic sex games you must have sex toys like these candles.

low temperature drip candles for sex gameslow temperature drip candles for bondage sex games

Sexy bodysuit

Very sexy mankini for hot nights.

sexy mankini bodysuit black

Undies for sex games

What role do you want to play?

gay G-string for sex gamesmens leather shorts for sex games

Sexy undies

The first panties are in a stretchy leathery material. They have a hole for penis and open butt. The other ones are a sexy C-string with a cool pouch for the dick.

sexy leathery undies with hole for penis and open butt    mens sexy c-string black

Mens sex toys t-shirt and sex dolls tank

Unique pattern with sex toys or blow-up dolls all over. Very funny gifts for your sex partner.

mens t-shirt with sex toys pattern all over, funny giftmens sex dolls tank

Sexy G-strings

Hot nights not only requires toys for sex, you must wear sexy underwear too. G-strings or Thongs are a very sexy style of underwear. You find some on this site. Just click here.

mens sexy G-strings

Sexy apron

A man who cooks a gorgeous meal, only wearing a sexy apron like this. What a perfect start to the weekend! It would be a funny gift for your sex partner. You’ll find it in other colors too.

Mens sexy apron

Funny sex toy for adults

A fun gift to a friend who likes this kind of humor.

funny sex toy

Male toys for adults – love dolls

These realistic sex dolls in full size and with big breasts can be your sex partner. Vaginal sex, oral sex, anus sex or breast sex, whatever you want.

sex doll in silicone full size red hairrealistic sex doll in silicone full size

sex doll in silicone full size braun hair

Sex doll with long blond hair and big boobs. She looks very real.

sex doll with long blond hair and big boobs

Realistic sex dolls (140 cm long) for realistic sex.

realistic sex doll in silicone Silicone sex doll

Sex doll with heating and sound.

Sex doll with heating and sound

Magnetic therapy undies

Underwear for the middle-aged man who wants to restore his vigor.

mens magnetic therapy underwearmens magnetic therapy briefs blue

Vacuum pumps

A vacuum pump is a effective treatment to restore sexual erectile functions. 


Lubricant condoms for safety and comfortable sex.

Standard condoms or perhaps you prefer ultra thin and sensitive condoms.

standard condoms big packthin and ultra sensitive condoms big pack

Ultra ribbed condoms for increased stimulation. Magnum extra large condoms for the big penises.

ultra ribbed Trojan condoms      extra large condoms big pack

I hope you found some sex toys for men that increase the enjoyment for you on my site. Good luck!


animated dicks carton penis gif board

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