Mens Lingerie – (Sissy Underwear in Red and Black color)

Mens lingerie are beautiful like womens undies but designed for men. I have just chosen lingerie in the sexy colors, red and black, because I think they are the most sexy underwear for men. Most of the underwear on this page you find in other colors too.

Many men feel sexual excitement just of the naughty thought wearing lingerie. On this site you find a lot of sexy underwear for men. Women have always loved to wear beautiful underwear in smooth satin and lace. Of course men can use underwear like that too. I’ll give you some suggestions of mens lingerie that I found beautiful and sexy. I hope you find some you like too.

Mens lingerie in red and black

Improve your sexlife with sexy underwear. Cheeky lingerie like these invite to sex.

They are perfect for sexparties and hot nights. If you feel the same, just watch and enjoy.

Sissy pouch panties

Elegant and comfortable red panties with black lace.

sissy pouch panties satin lace red blackmens sissy panties red with black lace

Erotic panties with naked butt and a cute bow. You’ll look like a gift for your lover. Front in lovely lace with comfy pouch. It’s very sexy with mooning panties.

mens red panties with pouch           mens mooning lingerie

Sissy panties in beautiful patterned black lace.

mens black lace panties with patterned lace

Mens sexy pantyhose

Fishnet tights for crossdresser and sissy men. Stretchy and comfortable to wear.

men's fishnet pantyhose redmen's fishnet pantyhose black

More beautiful sissy lingerie for men

For the men who love feminine underwear with bows and lace. The black ones with a lot of ruffle lace you find in white too.

red and black sissy panties   panties for men with a lot of lace black

If you like this style, you’ll find more panties like these here.

Sexy G-strings

Mens minimal briefs. Slim fit and comfortable design. Small and sexy underwear to wear all days.

mens red g-stringsmens black g-strings

Transparent thongs

Small and sexy underwear in red and black for men.

mens transparent red thongsmens transparent black thongs

Bras for men

Are you a man who feel sexual exciting  wearing a bra? Test one of these, they are made for mens bodies. Under clothes no one can see them. The fabric is in soft stretchy satin.

bra for men black  mens bra red satin

You find some more bras like these here.

Satin panties

These two in a feminine design will be perfect with or without bra.

mens satin panties blacksatin panties for men red

Sexy underwear for men

I’ve only chosen lingerie in black and red on this page. I think that is the most sexy colors for underwear. Many of them you find in other colors too.

Mens lingerie in faux leather

Wet looking naughty panties with chains in bikini thong style.

lingerie panties for men in faux leather with chains blacklingerie panties for men in faux leather with chains red

These sexy panties in faux leather with zippers have transparent hips.

mens red and black faux leather pantiesmens black faux leather panties with zipper

If you like undies in faux leather you find more here,

Small and sexy

These small sexy ones are in thong style. They have transparent front as you can see. You’ll show your most intimate details.

tranparent thongs black and red

Sexy pouch panties in thong style. You find them in several other colors too.


pouch panties in thong style blackpouch panties in thong style

Mens naughty lingerie with thigh band

Mens lingerie can also look like these beautiful and sexy ones.

mens red thongs with black lace and thigh bandmens sexy panties with thigh band in black lace

See through thongs

Minimal striped transparent thongs. Small and sexy lingerie designed for men.

transparent striped thongs black for mentransparent striped thongs red for men

Lace thongs

These panties are in flower patterned lace. The material is in breathable nylon. You can buy one or a 4-pack.

mens red lace thongsmens black lace thongs 4-pack

Lace pouch

Cheeky minimal g-strings in patterned lace. Just a lace pouch for the package. You find them in seven other colors too.

mens g-strings lace blackmens g-strings lace black

Mens lingerie – C-strings

Erotic lace pouches. Cute and flirty lingerie made for men. You find them in several colors.

mens c-strings in black lace       mens c-strings in red lace

Black lace panties

Transparent sissy panties with lace. Pouch in front.

sissy lace panties black

Sexy thongs with beautiful lace skirt.

sissy lace panties black thongs

These elegant black sissy panties are very nice too.

mens black sissy bikini panties with lace  mens black sissy panties in lace with pouch

Sissy hipsters in lace with cute bows.

hipster sissy panties black lace

Mens funny lingerie

Sexy animal g-strings. Perhaps a funny gift for someone you love?

funny g-strings for men  funny animal g-string for menelefant g-string for men black

Cute and funny panties with octopus pattern. G-strings with a 12.0 pouch.

red panties with octopus pattern g-string

Long pouch

If you want a very nice panty in lace with an extra long pouch. I can recommend these.

sissy panties long pouch red and black lace

Open crotch

Erotic crotchless panties for men who prefer this style of lingerie. You are ready for sex in these sexy panties in stretchy red fabric.

red pouch panties with open crotch

Panties with garter

Sexy girlie sissy panties with garter.

mens red sissy panties with gartermens black pouch panties with garter

More sissy panties

Lovely red and black pouch panties. Feminine lingerie designed for fit sissy men.

black sissy panties with pouch and lace  black sissy panties bikini style

red sissy bikini pantiesblack bikini lingerie sissy panties

Sissy panties in other colors you find here.

Nice design

Cheeky sissy lingerie for hot nights.

black sissy panties with pouch bikini style

Sissy G-strings

Sexy ruffle panties in thin transparent fabric.

mens sissy panties G-string black

Mens feminine lace lingerie

Beautiful and sexy lingerie for men in red and black lace.

mens feminine lace lingerie g-string redmens feminine lace lingerie g-string black

Bikini panties

These cute panties looks like women’s underwear, but they are made for fit men. Fabric in smooth satin with lace. They are comfy to wear everyday.

mens satin panties with lace red mens satin panties with lace black

Tanga panties in all red lace and black hipster panties with sides of lace.

mens red lace bikini pantiesmens black panties hipster style with lace sides

Sexy transparent lingerie for men. You’ll show all through the transparent fabric. You’ll feel sexy, I promise.

mens transparent bikini lingerie underwear mens see through black panties 3-pack


Cool and sexy underwear for men who like the jockstrap style.

mens lace thongs red

These undies have a very cool and special design.

sexy jockstraps with legs blacksexy jockstraps with legs red

Mens lingerie for the tough guys

Sexy underwear for sexy men. A leather pouch with chains very nice.

mens sexy leather look g-string  mens sexy leather pouch with chains

Transparent sexy underwear for men

With these sexy panties you are almost naken, you’ll show everything.

transparent panties for men blacktransparent panties for men red

Boxer briefs

Breathable semi see through boxers.

Transparent boxers

These sexy see through boxers with lips all over are very nice.

red transparent boxers with lips all overblack transparent boxers with lips all over

Shiny boxers

Sexy wet look red and black underwear with zipper in front.

shiny red boxers with zipper in front black wet look boxers with zipper in front

Lace thongs

Small and beautiful bikini panties in lace with flower pattern.

mens lace panties with flower pattern black

Beautiful patterned panties

patterned sissy pouch panties black and red

Mens lace panties with skirt

Feminine lingerie for men in red and black. These girlie underwear are very sexy with pouch and skirt.


red lace panties with skirt for mensissy pouch panties with skirt red and black

These are sexy and beautiful. Perfekt for hot nights.

sissy panties in black lace with skirt

Crotchless and open front

Mens sexy lace boxers. Underwear made for sex.

mens sexy lace boxers, crotchless and open frontmens boxers in lace with open front and crotchless black

Band panties

Black sissy panties in a nice and sexy design. The other pair has a front of lace.


mens band panties blackjockstrap with lace front black

Boxers in lace

Beautiful underwear in lace with flower pattern. For men who prefer the boxer style. The fabric is semi-see through.

 lingerie boxers black lace with flower pattern  lingerie boxers red lace with flower pattern

These Sissy panties in lace have openings both in front and back.

mens panties in red lacemens panties in black lace

Mens lingerie lace briefs. Very nice and sexy design.

mens black lace briefs

Heart panties

Mens black panties with red heart and mens red panties with an open heart. They’ll be cute and sexy gifts for someone you love.

mens heart pantiesmens panties with open heart red

Sexy underwear set

Two different styles of underwear set for guys. A black sexy transparent set and a set with cool tiger pattern. What is your taste?


sexy transparent underwear set black for menmens tiger underwear set

Tank in lace

For men who love lace. You’ll find them in some more colors too.

mens tank in black lace mens black lace camisole

Lace long johns

Long see through underwear in beautiful lace for sexy men.

Black and red bodysuits

Stretchy mankini bodysuits. You find them in several colors.

black bodysuit for menmens mankini bodysuit red

Two more sexy bodysuits in stretchy see through material. They are in thong style and you find them in other colors too.

mens see through bodysuit redmens see through bodysuit black

Transparent t-shirts

Sexy see through or semi-see through t-shirts. With short sleeves or sleeveless. Perfect for gym training.

mens transparent t-shirt blackt-shirt semi-see through sleeveless black

Tank top

Sexy tight tank in smooth satin. It looks like leather.

mens faux leather tank black

Mens lingerie in red and black faux leather

Tight sexy pants for underwear or sports.

Sex toys for men

Of course you must wear sexy underwear, but perhaps you want a nice sex toy too. Just look at this site, perhaps you find something you want to try.

mens sex toys

I hope you like sexy underwear for men in red and black colors as much as I do.

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