Mens G-strings, Sexy G-strings, Cute G-strings

G-strings or thongs are underwear for sexy men. All men can wear these kind of panties. Mens G-strings have a comfortable pouch for the package and a thin fabric strip between the buttocks.

Mens G-strings

Thongs for everyone

The custumers who have bought these nice thongs have been very pleased. They are thin and super stretchy. They sells in 6-pack.

thongs 6-pack for men

Black G-strings

Undies in black always works well. It’s a “naughty” color that gets people turned on. The first two are in faux leather. The third one looks like snakes skin. One of them as you can see is really breathable.

sexy zipper g-string        

briefs in faux leathermen's faux leather panties g-string

black g-strings faux leather sexy men's underwear g-strings with pouch

mens faux leather g-strings

More undies in faux leather…

Mens sexy G-strings with leopard pattern

Leopard printed thongs for lingerie nights. Sells in 3-pack.

mens G-strings with leopard pattern 3-pack

Thongs with pouch for men

Cool designed underwear in thong style. You find them in other colors too.

mens black and red thongsmens red and white thongs

Sexy and cute

These small and sexy panties you find in several colors. They are stretchable and breathable. Very nice underwear for sexy men.

mens thongs with lips patternmens transparent pink thongs

Mens cute G-strings

Cute and sexy underwear for men. Just a silky pouch for the package. That’s all you need. One color for each day of the week. One size S-M.

mens silky g-strings in shiny colors 7-pack

More sexy G-strings

Leopard pattern always works. It’s a very sexy pattern for underwear. Lace undies are sexy in another way.  I love  these small red. They are adorable.

Men's leopard pattern g-stringsg-strings with pouch in red lace lingerie

Pouch thongs

Cool and sexy design.

mens sexy pouch thongs

Sexy transparent thongs

If you want to wear sexy transparent underwear every day of the week, you must test these. In these you show everything. You are almost naken. You’ll feel sexy, I promise.

transparent thongs 8-pack for men

Elegant thongs

These small and sexy thongs have an elegant pattern.

mens elegant patterned thongs greenmens elegant patterned thongs black

Spider pattern

Cool patterned sexy undies. A bulge pouch with spiders all over.

cool spider patterned thongs for men red and blackcool spider patterned thongs for men yellow and black

Mens minimal G-strings

Just a pouch for the package and a thin string. Thats all you need. They sells in 5-pack, 7-pack or single.

mens minimal colored panties G-strings 7-packmens minimal panties black g-strings

Long penis sheath

This is another style of mens sexy G-strings.


G-strings with long penis sheath blackG-strings with long penis sheath 3-pack

Small and sexy undies

These small see through thongs sells in 2-pack or separately.

sexy panties thong style see through black and red for men

G-strings thong style

Thongs with breathable pouch in strong colors.


breathable g-strings thong style for men

Joe Snyder thongs

Here you can see a few of Joe Snyders very nice underwear. Comfortable and sexy thongs for sexy men.

Joe Snyder striped thongs black and whiteJoe Snyder multi colored striped thongs

Joe Snyder black thongsJoe Snyder pink thongs

Fresh colored G-strings

Umrella pattern or camouflage pattern. Thongs with T-back.

mens umbrella patterned thongsmens thongs with camouflage pattern

Hot mens underwear

Sexy G-strings – thongs for hot nights.

mens sexy undies thongs black and white

Funny mens G-strings

Animal bulge pouch. Cute and funny G-strings, perfect gift for a boyfriend. Perhaps you want to surprise your partner wearing these.

funny g-strings pouch is a foxfunny g-strings pouch is an alligator

Are you looking for a gift for your boyfriend or for any man just look on this site.

Mens funny gifts

Swim briefs G-string

Swim briefs in gold and silver. I think the most people on the beach will notice you. Specially when you turn around and show your buttocks.

swim g-strings gold men's swimwear g-strings silver

Cute G-strings

Look at these beautiful panties in lovely colors. Pink, blue, green and even gold. You can get them all in several colors. Aren’t they awesome! I feel happy when I see undies like this. I can’t stop smiling. They are so sexy and cute!

pink pouch g-strings  men's blue shiny g-strings

men's strong colored g-strings greengold pouch g-strings

Sexy jockstrap

Cool and sexy undies for though guys. Nice design and nice colors.

g-strings jockstrap black and yellowcotton jockstrap 3-pack

JOR’s jockstrap

The first ones have a cool animal pattern and the other black ones have a breathable pouch.

JOR jockstrap animal pattern  JOR black jockstrap

Striped thongs

These undies are very nice with their cool stripes.

mens striped thongs black and whitemens striped thongs red and white

Sporty mens jockstrap

Below you can see the G-strings for the sporty men. Strong colors for energy and a fresh look.

men's colored g-strings        g-strings for a football player

See through pouch

Sexy black transparent thongs for sexy men.

mens g-strings black with see through pouch thong style

Minimal see trough G-strings

Striped transparent minimal panties. Just a see through pouch for the package.

transparent g-strings 6-packmicro G-strings for men

Cute mens G-strings

These cute ones are not for the big guys. They are in one size S/M. They are soft and comfortable. Material: Silk.

Mens silky G-strings in strong colors

Lace thongs

Beautiful lingerie for men who love lace.

mens lace thongs 4-pack

Mens G-strings for every day

These packs of G-strings style jockstrap are great for every day wear. As you can see they come in a lot of different colors as well. Great for variety, giving you a lot of choices depending on what you’re in the mood for.

G-strings 7-pack for men  men's 7-pack G-strings

Very cute g-strings in bright colors. They sells in 7-pack and 3-pack.

mens cute g-strings in bright colors 7-pack

Everyday thongs

Sexy thongs in nice colors. Basic underwear in modal for men who like this style.

mens thongs 6-pack basic underwear in modal

Perhaps you want a new sex toy? You find some here.

mens sex toys

Mankini costume

A sexy open bodysuit for sexy men.

mankini costume g-strings model thong black

Party G-strings

Who can resist a man in these? Wearing these to a party can only end in one way.. Success.  I wish a man  in a costume like this sometime will serve me drinks. It would be very nice.

sexy costume partydress for men

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