Mens briefs history in 20th century

mens briefs history

Mens briefs history

Below you find a short summary of the mens briefs history. When the union suits, boxer shorts, jockey briefs etc. introduced and became popular.


In the beginning of the 20th century the men began to wear a helmet tight-fitting union suit. Women already wear suits like these but now even men began to wear it. The fabric was usual in wool flannel. The fronts buttoned up and had a drop flap in the back to open when they visit the toilet. It was mostly the rich men who had afford to wear these underwear.


Boxer shorts. They had an elastic waistband and they  extend to the middle of the thigh. They looked like the trunks that boxers wear but had these comfortable elastic waistband instead of  belts in leather. With these waistband it didn’t needs any buttons longer.


Jockey briefs introduced. These snug fitting and legless briefs became quickly very popular. They front looks like an up and down Y and they even calls y-fronts. They contains an opening a fly.


After the world war 2 the boxer shorts were back and now they became more popular than they were before. The soldier returned from the war and under the summer they wore boxers in cotton.


New fabrics introduced such as rayon and spandex. The briefs designed in multiple colors and pattern.


Boxer shorts became decorated in many fun images.

1970s and 1980s

The briefs became now a fashion item. Designers began to associated briefs with sex in their advertising campaigns.  Cool and sexy underwear that turn people on.


Boxer briefs became popular. Their styles are a mix of boxer shorts and briefs. They are comfortable in their stretchy fabric and they extend a little bit down the thighs.

The briefs styles nowadays

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