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Mens Bodysuit – Sexy Bodywear for Men

Everybody wants to have sexy underwear. Mens bodysuit is a very sexy type of underwear. A bodysuit can be very sexy, not only on women but also on men. A bodysuit can be in a tougher male style or in a beautiful more female style. There is sexy bodywear for men in black leather-like material. There are also colorful bodysuit in shiny fabrics and lace. All men can wear a bodysuit. They are both practical and sexy underwear to suit everyone.

Mens bodysuit

Men’s bodywear for wrestling, gymnastics and dance. The one on the right is a more transparent material than the other. They are in a stretchy comfortable material with high cut. You’ll find them in other colors too.


mens wrestling bodysuit blackmens black transparent bodysuit

Transparent jumpsuit

Sexy underwear for men in black see through fabric.

sexy transparent jumpsuit for men black

Trainings suits for sexy men

Excellent for the gym, bodybuilding and wrestling. The loose fit makes them very comfortable to wear.

Pink trainings suit for men.Wrestling suit in black see through lace.

Men’s body set

Sexy boxers and vest set in transparent breathing fabric.


Sexy boxers and vest setMen's transparent boxers and vest set

Mens girlie bodysuit

This is a gorgeous bodysuit in patterned stretchy lace made for fit men.

Bodysuit in lace for sissy men.Black bodysuit for sissy men.

Mens leather bodysuit

A wetlook sexy jumpsuit for the tough guys.


mens faux leather bodysuit

Mens sexy trainings suit

Sexy jockstrap style with open butt. Elastic and comfortable fabric. Perfect for lingerie nights.

mens sexy bodysuit in jockstrap style

Wrestling bodysuit

Sexy boxers with braces for wrestling.

wrestling underwear boxers with braces black

Boxer underwear with braces

Very cool underwear. Suitable for wrestling.

Boxer underwear with braces for wrestling blackBoxer underwear with braces for wrestling black turquise

Faux leather bodysuit

Sexy bodywear for men. Hot sexy pants for wrestling or for hot nights.

faux leather bodysuit for wrestling

Striped underwear suits

Cool underwear with open butt.


striped sexy bodysuit with open butt blue    

Tie bodysuit

This sexy costume is for hot nights.

tie bodysuit G-string blacktie bodysuit G-string red

Lingerie set

A sexy nightwear set for sissy men.

Lingerie set for sissy men.

Lace jumpsuits

Beautiful bodysuit in a more feminine style. Transparent fabric in lace with flower pattern.

mens lace bodysuit with flower pattern pink

Mens transparent bodysuits with polka dots pattern.

Mens transparent black bodsuit with polka dots pattern Mens transparent white bodsuit with polka dots pattern

One -piece bodysuit with bulge pouch and open butt in floral lace.

One-piece bodysuit in floral lace for guys. Black color.One-piece bodysuit in floral lace for guys. Pink color.

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Men's sissy panties.

Sissy underwear for men

Red and black sissy underwear

Bodysuit with open butt

Sexy bodywear for men who like this style.

Bodysuit with open butt turquiseBodysuit with open butt black

Mens mankini bodysuit

Sexy jumpsuit for sexy men. You’ll find them in other colors too.

sexy mankini bodysuit blacksexy mankini bodysuit red

Boxer jumpsuit

Men’s underwear with opening back waist. It is soft and comfortable to wear. You’ll find them in rose and orange color as well.

mens one-piece bodysuit boxer style blackmens one-piece bodysuit boxer style green

More boxer bodysuits

Modern sporty style. Stretchy and comfortable to wear.

mens sports jumpsuit black and orange         mens sports jumpsuit white

Compression bodysuit

With this bodysuit, you can tighten up your body. It has double compression panel at the problem areas. It’s invisible under your clothes. You will feel so handsome. Customers who bought this have been very satisfied.

mens compression bodysuit black          mens compression bodysuit white

Customers have been very pleased with these as well. High compression of the abdomen, buttocks and flanks.

compression bodysuit blackcompression bodysuit beige

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