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Long Johns – Men’s Thermal Underwear

Every man needs long johns sometimes. It feels good with warming long pants when the weather is cold. On this page I’ve chosen some thermal underwear that are both nice to look at and comfortable to wear.

Men’s thermal long johns

Warming undergarments for any man

Comfortable thermal long johns for cold days. Material: modal

Mens warming long underpants in modul.

Warming thermal underwear set

A perfect base layer for cold days. Top and bottom in soft fleece. You find them several colors and also with pattern. Sizes up to 3xl.

Warming thermal underwear set for men in red color.   Warming thermal underwear set for men in grey color.

Comic patterned long underwear

Batmans long underpants in cotton.

Men's long underpants with batman pattern.

Long sleeve + long legs thermal underwear set 

Camouflage colored underwear set in 100% cotton.

Camouflage colored underwear set in 100% cotton for men.

Wool long underwear

Very nice and long johns in 100% superfine Merino wool. Thermal undergarment worn to keep wearer warm in cold weather.

mens wool long underpants brown


Lightweight leggings

Tight lightweight long johns that keep you warm all cold days.

Nice colored long underwear

These purple tight long underpants are very nice.  They are breathable and comfortable and have a slim sexy design.

Mens slim sexy long johns purple

Printed thermal long underpants

Beautiful patterned long underpants with low rise. They are in small asian size. You’ll need one or two size larger than you usually use.

printed long johns modern pattern  mens long underwear with flower pattern

Pattern with small checks

Warm and comfortable underwear for men.

mens long underwear with small checks greenmens long cotton underwear with small checks

printed long underwear for menprinted thermal pants for men

Long johns with hearts

What a lovely pattern, hearts with arrows all over. These warming underwear are very nice. A perfect gift for your boyfriend.

mens heart patterned long thermal pantsmens heart patterned long thermal pants black

Long johns with stars

Men’s thermal underwear with cool stars pattern.

cotton thermal underwear with yellow stars pattern cotton thermal underwear with red stars pattern

Spotted long underpants

These long johns are really nice. Cool and funny pattern. I like them very much.

spotted cotton long thermal pants bluespotted cotton long thermal pants pink

mens spotted cotton long thermal pants

Full-length underpants

Warming long johns in cotton with superlow rise.

Men's long underpants in cotton with low rise. Red and black color.Men's long underpants in cotton with low rise.

Sexy long underpants

Mens sexy long johns with open crotch. You find them in white too.

mens sexy long underwear with open crotch redmens sexy long underwear with open crotch black

Fashion long underpants

Warming long johns with modern pattern in strong colors.

Modern patterned long johns for guys

Nice patterned long johns

Cool and sexy leggings for men with super low rise.

mens long underwear with modern pattern redmens long underwear with modern pattern blue

Wild bulls

Warming long underpants. Nice patterned with bulls all over.

mens printed long underpants with wild bulls

Long johns with skulls

Cool thermal underwear for cool guys in breathable cotton.

mens thermal leggings with skulls

Super cool leggings

Extreme comfortable leggings, 4 way stretch. Shiny in metallic colors.

Green metallic colored leggings for guys.

Cotton long thermal underwear

Cotton is a very good material for underwear. It’s soft, warming and breathable. You can wash them in 60°.


mens long underwear bottoms blackmens long underwear bottoms grey

The black ones have a lower cut.

low rise underwear long pants black

Warming underpants in single red or with stripes.

Hanes thermal long sleeved top

Mens thermal tops in a soft waffle material, 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

Hanes long sleeved thermal top blackHanes long sleeved thermal top red

Long underwear set

A nice warming set from Hanes.

Hanes thermal underwear set redHanes warming underwear set black

More thermal undergarment set

These underwear set are in modal. They have a comfy slim fit and nice colors. You find them in black, white and grey too.

thermal set for men bluethermal set for men red

You’ll find underwear with leopard pattern here.

Mens underwear with leopard pattern

Nice warming top and bottom set

Basic thermal underwear set in cotton. Comfortable and nice design. The black sides make you look thin.

mens thermal top and bottom underwear greenmens thermal top and bottom underwear dark grey

Customers favourites

A lot of customer have bought these long johns and they have been very pleased. Material: 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

thermal long underwear bottoms whitethermal long underwear bottoms dark red

Lace long johns

Maybe you like underwear in lace? If so, these sexy long underpants would be something for you.

see through long underwear pinksee through long underwear black

If you like underwear in lace for men just click here.

Are you one of all men who loves to wear womens underwear sometimes?

Then, take a look at this page and you’ll find a lot of feminine underwear designed for men.

Sissy panties


Flower pattern

Long underwear with beautiful pattern. Flowers all over.

long underwear with flower pattern black long underwear with flower pattern blue

More flowers. Nice modern patterned underwear in cotton.

mens long thermal pants red with flowersmens long thermal pants black with flowers

Thermal underpants with low rise and flower pattern.

mens blue thermal underpants with flower patternmens thermal underpants with flower pattern

mens thermal leggings with flower pattern

Cotton underwear with camouflage pattern

These pattern is for the tough guys.

long underwear with camouflage pattern brownlong underwear with camouflage pattern

Long thermal underwear with camouflage pattern in nice colors. They are soft to wear and keep you warm all cold days. Fabric in 100% cotton.

mens cotton camouflage thermal pants pinkmens cotton camouflage patterned thermal pants blue

mens cotton camouflage pattern thermal pants purplemens cotton camouflage thermal pants green

Low rise patterned long johns

These long underpants sells in 5-pack. Modern style with nice pattern. Material: 95% cotton.

patterned long thermal underpants 5-pack for men

You can even buy just one of these.

Thermal bottoms with nice pattern for men.

Striped long johns

Men’s full-length thermal long johns. Slim fit and nice pattern.

Men's full-length thermal long johns. Striped pattern.Men's full-length thermal long johns. Striped in red and white color.

Magnetic therapy underwear set

Underwear for the middle-aged man who wants restore his vigor. You find it in some other colors too.

magnetic therapy underwear set for men

Double layer thermal pants

Extra warm long underpants for cold days.

mens long thermal underpants dark blueMens long thermal underpants olive green.

Cotton single colored thermal underwear

Nice base long johns. You find them in more colors than these. The customer who have bought these have been very pleased.

thermal underwear cotton for men blackthermal underwear cotton for men orange

thermal underwear cotton for men whitethermal underwear cotton for men neon green

Wild animals

These cool ones ends just under the knees.

Mens long underwear with wild animal pattern.

Bestsellers on Amazon

Base underwear in 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

Mens long thermal pants in black color.Mens long thermal pants white.

Compression leggings

Breathable and comfortable for active men.  They stretch in 4 ways. The fabrics keep you dry.

You find them in more colors and other pattern too.


compression leggings for men multi coloredpatterned compression leggings for men blue

More compressions tights

These nice ones have UVA/UVB protection and are a perfect choice for all outdoor activities.


mens compressions leggings black with starsmens compressions tights redmens compressions tights black

mens compressing leggings DRSKIN blackmens compressing leggings DRSKIN green

Neon colored long pants

Pants for heavy metal rockers. They are in stretchy fabric for a cool slim fit. Very cool pants in shiny strong colors.

heavy metal pants multi colors for menheavy metal pants rainbow colors for men

heavy metal pants zebra pattern pink for men     heavy metal pants zebra pattern green for men

Mens thermal underwear – union suit

This union suit has two-layer thermal featuring. Inside layer in 100% cotton and outside layer in 65% cotton/25% merino wool/10% nylon.

Men's thermal union suit red. Double warming layer.

Long underwear set

Top and bottom in stretchy material. Warm and comfortable underwear for cold days.  Material: 95% modal and  5% spandex. You find them in more colors too.

Men's white long sleeves and long legs undergarment set.Men's black long sleeves and long legs undergarment set.

Cotton undergarment set

These thermal underwear are made from warm waffle knit which traps and retains body heat. You find them without pattern too.

Men's patterned cotton thermal underwear set made from warm waffle knit.Men's striped cotton thermal underwear set made from warm waffle knit.

Microfiber fleece

Extra warm underwear in cotton fleece.

Mens underwear set microfiber fleece in grey color.Mens underwear set microfiber fleece in black color.

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