Lingerie For Men – (Pouch Panties in Silk and Lace)

Lingerie actually means women’s underwear, but many men like to wear lingerie too. It become rather usually that men are looking for panties like these. It can be a sexy fantasy. Why not? Pouch panties in beautiful colors and fabric in silk and lace are adorable underwear. Below you find my favorite lingerie for men. Do you like them too?

Lingerie for men – sissy panties

If you wear sissy panties like these, your partner will feel it like you are a gift for him or her. A very cute and sexy gift. It’s also a very special feeling to wear them, so if you like them you have to test. Just look at them! Have you seen more beautiful lingerie for men before? Panties with a special pouch for the package are comfortable to wear. Of course it’s better to let the genitals have their own place instead of squish them into a pair of tight underpants without pouch.

Pouch panties in silk and lace

Mens feminine panties with a special pouch for the package in smooth and silky fabric. I like them all.

men's sissy panties red with black lace         men's sissy panties pink

mens sissy panties pink with black lace      men's sissy panties turquoise

men's sissy panties purple lace           pouch sissy panties red and black

 mens thongs lace red and black        men's sexy lingerie panties

men's pink lace panties lingerie      men's sexy panties lingerie black

Sexy and elegant sissy panties in leopard pattern.

Who can resist panties like these?

lingerie for men sissy panties leopard pattern

There are more sissy pouch panties farther down the page.

More sexy lingerie for men

Shorts in stretch lace

Shorts like these in stretch lace are another style of mens lingerie. If the panties above feels too much perhaps these are something for you. They are breathable , comfortable and absolute wonderful. The transparent lace fabric makes them very sexy too.

mens sexy transparent lace shorts in black color

Gorgeous sissy panties

Sexy lingerie for men in floral lace. Transparent, breathable fabric and a comfortable pouch for the package.

mens floral patterned lace panties with pouch      pink sissy panties in floral lace

G-strings in lace

Cute and sexy thongs in lace. Just a transparent pouch of lace that cover the genitals and a thin strip of fabric between the buttocks.  That’s all you need.

mens sexy transparent thongs in pink lace

Tanga pouch panties

Lingerie for men who prefer small and sexy panties in strong colors. Material in 95% silk. You find them in turquoise and black color too.

men's tanga silk panties pink  men's tanga silk panties lime

Satin thongs

If you prefer thong back, I can recommend these little sexy panties. You can also find them in gold, turquoise and white color.

mens satin thongs bluemens satin thongs silver

Jock straps

Two jock straps in black and red. They are so cool! If you have a nice backside you’ll be very sexy in any of these.

  men's jockstrap lingerie in red with black lace   jockstrap red

Shiny pouch underwear

Lingerie for men who love glittering colors and prefer the G-string style of undies.  Which guy doesn’t want a silver or gold bag for his noblest parts?
mens gold pouch underwear g-stringsshiny pouch underwear g-strings silver

Sexy C-strings

These cute transparent lingerie for men are just a lace pouch for the package. You find them in some other colors too.

mens c-string lingerie with a pouch of transparent pink lacemens c-string lingerie with a pouch of transparent black lace

Mens pouch undies

Cool and funny pouch which makes your package to a gift for your lover. Sells in 3-pack.

Metallic colored panties

Leather like glossy sissy panties with pouch in smooth and silky fabric.

mens shiny black lingerie panties with pouch men's sissy panties shiny pink

sissy panties in blue metallic color

Sexy pouch panties in lace

Sissy panties in wonderful floral patterned lace.

mens floral patterned lace pouch panties

If you like more bright colors look at these sweet pink panties.

sissy panties bright pinksissy panties bright pink lace

Elegant sissy pouch underwear in white lace with open crotch.

Blue lace pouch panties

Adorable lingerie for men in blue lace. The first ones have open crotch.


blue sissy lace panties with open crotch     blue bikini sissy lace panties

mens blue lace panties with pouch   mens sexy lace panties blue

Sissy thongs

Beautiful panties with turquoise lace and a purple pouch for genitals. A very nice pair of pants for feminine men.

lace panties for feminine men pouch thongs

Lingerie for men who love lace.

These panties have a lot of lace. Black or white, what color do you prefer? They really are adorable.

men's sissy panties with a lot of lace blacksissy panties with a lot of lace white

Bikini panties

If you prefer this style I can recommend these nice ones in smooth satin and lace. These are like womens panties but made to fit men.

white lingerie panties with lace for men mens satin panties with lace black

These bikini panties are all in patterned lace.

mens bikini panties in patterned lace

Small and sexy lingerie for men

Just a little bit of shiny fabric with a hole for the dick. They sells in 3-pack.

mens small and sexy lingerie with hole for the dick

Lace long johns

Long see through underwear in beautiful lace for sexy men.

mens see through long underwear white mens see through long underwear pink

Mens body stockings

Transparent sexy underwear for sexy men. The briefs are not included.

mens lace body stocking blackmens transparent body stocking black

Mens sissy panties

Look at me! Lingerie is my style. Of course men can wear lingerie like these panties if they like it. They are beautiful and sexy. Try it!

Mens panties

If you like lingerie for men like these, just click here and you’ll find sissy pouch panties in red and black.

black and red lingerie for men

Of course you must wear sexy underwear, but perhaps you want a nice sex toy too. Just look at this site, perhaps you find something you want to try.

mens sex toys


The first swim briefs are breathable and comfortable. You find them in several strong colors. The other swim briefs are in metallic colors. You find them in gold and silver.

breathable swim briefs in strong color swim briefs in metallic color

Silky nightwear

You’ll find more like these sexy nightwear here.


pajama black satin for menpajama satin for men silver grey


Mens luxurious chiffon robe whiteMens luxurious chiffon robe black

Other sexy undies for men

G-strings for men

Leather look panties

Underwear for men

Cool boxers for men

Men’s bras

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