Sexy Leather Briefs for Men

Leather briefs

Underpants in leather are always very sexy. It’s a special feeling to wear leather briefs and even a special exiting feeling to look at someone who wear them.

These briefs are not in real leather. They are in a better material for undies. Leather look panties are more comfortable, breathable and they look fantastic. In these briefs your partner will think you look very sexy I promise you. It’s also a special feeling to wear them.

Red sexy leather briefs

These small briefs in leather imitation I think is very sexy. Red is the color of love and it’s a perfect color for undies. I don’t know which one I like best, perhaps the right one.

mens sexy panties red faux leather      sexy faux leather panties for men red

Mens sexy thongs

In these, I promise you that you will feel so sexy. Material in PU leather.

mens sexy thongs in PU leather

Compression shorts

Sexy underwear that fit and look like snakeskin.

sexy compression shorts snakeskin

Cute leather panties

These one with chains is for the men who turns on wearing lingerie.

leather look panties for men lingerie redmens leather look panties with chains black

Sexy long legs briefs

They have a cool zipper and they fits like an extra skin.

sexy skin briefs black

Leather look bikini briefs

Stretchable and comfortable briefs . Very nice design with pouch for the package.

faux leather bikini briefs black sexy

Patent leather briefs

Sexy panties in patent leather. Jockstrap style.

patent leather panties for men black

Snake boxers

Boxers in snakeskin for the tought guys. I believe that everyone think these two are very cool and sexy. I think they are killing. These are my absolutely favorites.

leather boxers for men snakeskin    sexy leather boxers for men snake skin

Faux leather boxers

If you don’t like snakes perhaps you like any of these. They are both very cool. The right one have also a wet look.

faux leather boxers for men black    faux leather boxers for men wetlooking black

These faux leather briefs have a comfortable pouch for the package. A masculine design with the zips.

Faux leather boxer briefs with pouch and zips.

Sexy leather briefs

Very nice boxers in black faux leather. Sexy leather briefs for sexy men.

sexy leather briefs boxer style blacksexy faux leather briefs boxer style black with ajustable ring

Black sexy leather panties

These sexy panties in faux leather are in thong style.

sexy studded leather panties for men sexy faux leather underwear for men

black sexy briefs

Jockstrap faux leather briefs

If you like the jockstrap style. I can recommend these sporty and sexy ones.  They are comfortable and look like leather.

faux leather jockstrap briefs black   jockstrap briefs looks like leather

Briefs in patent leather with zippers.

briefs in patent leather with zipper  sexy briefs for men with zip black

The sexy undies below have transparent hips.

mens red and black faux leather pantiesmens black faux leather panties with zipper

Minimal leather pouch undies with chains

Like a jewelry for the package.

leather pouch g-string with chains for men black  leather pouch undies with chains

Briefs for sex

These sexy undies are in a stretchy leathery material. They have a hole for penis and open butt.

sexy leathery undies with hole for penis and open butt

Mens leather ring

Just wear this ring for a sexy look and sexy feeling. That’s all you need!

mens leather ring undies

Sexy faux leather briefs

These sexy ones are g-string thong style.

faux leather underwear for men g-string thong

If you like the G-string, thong style you find some cool here.

Shiny leather look bikini briefs

You find them in several colors.

shiny leather look bikini briefs men black shiny leather look bikini briefs gold for men

Sexy jockstrap shorts

These faux leather briefs have open butt and hips.

leather jockstrap shorts

Faux leather mankini bodysuit

Perhaps you like this sexy wrestling style?

mankini bodysuit leahter imitationfaux leather mankini bodysuit for men black

Trunks for swimming or sporting

The fabric is in shiny patent leather. They have a pouch that make them comfortable .  They have a modern design. The pattern have blocks in 3D.


black swimming trunks in patent leather

Swim panties

You find this bikini swimsuit in several metallic colors

swimsuit for men metallic black bikini style

More undies in leather for men

T-shirts in leather imitation

A leather like under t-shirts and a pair of sexy leather panties it’ll become a complete sexy set. I think the one without arms is most sexy. Which one do you like best?

leather tank for men black  leather under t-shirt for men black

Leather look long under pants

The blue ones you find in silver, gold and purple. The black ones even in red.

faux leather long pants in strong colors for men shiny bluefaux leather leggings for men black underwear

Faux leather pants

The first ones have front and back pockets in faux leather, the rest of the pants are denim. The other ones are all in leather look material. Right style for sexy guys.

faux leather pants black for men leather look pants for men black

Sex toys for men

Of course you must wear sexy underwear, but perhaps you want a nice sex toy too. Just look at this site, perhaps you find something you want to try.

mens sex toys

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