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Funny Boxers with funny print for cool men

Special funny boxers with cartoon characters, cool boxers with animals or skulls and even sexy boxers for men. Time to buy new underpantComic underwear are perfect gifts for your friends or perhaps as a treat for yourself. Who man doesn’t like to wear comfortable underwear like boxer briefs? Heavy underwear are always appreciated to get. You can never get too many of them.

Funny boxers for cool men

Time to buy new underpants?

Are your underwear old and boring? Do you want some new funny boxers that make you happy? I’m sure you’ll find some that you like on this page.

What cheeky panties!

Cool boxers with very cool pattern The fabric has 4-way stretch and makes them very comfortable to wear. You’ll find them here.

Boxers with Spongebob pattern

These funny boxers would be a nice gift for Spongebo fans. You’ll find them here.

Do you want to see more boxer briefs with Spongebob pattern, just click here.

Funny pouch underpants

Men’s cool boxers with elephant pouch in front. They are flyless, anti-chafing, moisture wicking and keeps your goods off your legs. You’ll find them for big and tall guys in sizes up to 5x-Large. You’ll find them here.

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Gifts for men you find here.

Men’s heart patterned boxers

These boxers are made from high-quality 100% cotton fabric. A love gift for your boyfriend. He can wear it to sleep or all day long. You’ll find them here.

The Simpsons family shorts

Comfy and cozy boxer shorts with Simpsons pattern. You’ll find them here.

You’ll find some more boxer briefs with Simpsons on this site.

Mickey mouse and his friends

Cool patterned boxers with your favorite classic Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy.  You’ll find them here.

Good luck underwear

Breathable material in modal and viscose to eliminate sweat. This material is 3x softer than cotton. You’ll find them here.

You’ll find a lot of “Good luck undies” here on this site.

Hulk boxers shorts

Men’s comfy underwear with cool comic Hulk pattern. You’ll find them here.

Donkey Kong boxer shorts

These funny Donkey Kong boxers are made from soft 100% cotton fabric. They are nice to sleep in too. You’ll find them here.

Funny Scooby-doo boxer underwear

Do you like Scooby-doo? If so, you’ll probably like these boxers. Relax after a day at work in these cozy underwear. You’ll find them here.

Funny boxers in 3-pack

Fabric in soft breathable microfiber. The pattern is called warface. You’ll find them here.

Flintstone boxer briefs

The material is soft and breathable, as well as moisture wicking. You’ll find them here.

Comic Peanut boxers

Cool and comfortable men’s boxer briefs. Fun underwear for Peanut fans. You’ll find them here.

Funny boxers with chips pattern

Who doesn’t like Pringles sour cream chips? It’s my favourite chips. I can’t stop eating them. These lime green boxer briefs are for chips lovers.  You’ll find them here.

Boxers with fun pattern

Fabric in Modal-Viscose that is softer than cotton. Breathable material to eliminate sweat. Nice banana pattern allover. You find them with other food pattern too. You’ll find them here.

Boxers for your boyfriend

Soft and breathable fabric, comfortable to wear all day long. Funny boxers are great gifts for him. You’ll find it here.

Funny game pattern

Funny men’s boxer brief with Monopoly board game print. You’ll find them here.

The Lion King boxers

Fabric in soft 100% cotton. Cozy and comfortable to wear all dag or night. Cool pattern and open fly. You’ll find them here.

Print boxers with Sesame Street

Comfortable fit boxer shorts with Elmer and all his friends from Sesame street. You’ll find them here.

Funny printed cotton boxer underwear

Comfy loose boxer shorts with funny elephant print. These funny boxers would be a great gift to your boyfriend. You’ll find them here.

Cool patterned boxer briefs

Staple fit boxer briefs. Soft 4-way stretch fabric with cool wild cat print. You’ll find them here.

You’ll find a lot of very cool printed ethika boxers here on this site.

Skull and roses printed boxers

Funny and cool gift for tough guys. These boxer briefs are made from 100% bamboo fiber. You’ll find them here.

Funny christmas boxer briefs

Grinch printed boxer underwear in loose fit with button fly. These funny boxers are made from high-quality soft 100% cotton fabric.  You’ll find them here.

Relaxed fit funny patterned boxers 

Fabric in 100% cotton with funny dinosaurs print. They are stretchy, breathable and soft to wear. The flap opening closes with a secure button for easy access. You’ll find them here.

Smiley print boxer briefs

Soft, breathable and moisture wicking fabric in polyester. They are comfy like an extra skin. You’ll find them here.

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Sissy panties in plus sizes

Briefs for any man

G-strings and thongs

Undies in leather imitations.

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