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Briefs Styles for Men – Types of underwear

    There are so many different briefs styles nowadays. It’s not easy to keep abreast of them all. Below you can see some of the most usual styles. You find them in several different materials as cotton, satin, lycra, polyester, elastane, leather etc.

    Briefs styles

    G-strings -Thongs

    These brief styles are the most sexy variants. They have a thin waistband and have a low rise fit.  They designed so the fabric only cover the genitals. G-strings have a thin narrow strip of the fabric between the buttocks. Thongs strip are a little bit wider. Sumo wrestler usual use thongs. Both men and women wear it.

    Variants of thongs for men: Kowpeenam, Fundoshi, Jockstrap,  Dance belt


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    Men's g-string briefs. for everyone.

    Bikini briefs

    Bikini briefs have a low rise fit and have no fly. Higher cut legs and full back coverage.

    bikini brief


    Briefs have a short and tight style. They have a y-front design. The fabric is in a stretch material.  They have a snugly fit. Briefs style is even used for swimwear.


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    Boxer briefs

    Boxer briefs style are midway between boxers and briefs. Like briefs but they extend a bit down the thighs. They are in a stretch material as lycra or elastane. They have a rather close-fitting. Some have fly and some don’t.

    Trunks is a variant of boxer briefs. They have a little bit shorter legs and a square cut.

    boxer brief


    Boxers have an elasticized waistband near under the waist. They extend to the middle of the thigh and have a fairly loose-fitting. They usually are  in cotton without any stretch and have a fly. You find them in many different pattern and funny design. They can even be used as pyjamas.


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    Boxers with funny pattern.

    Briefs styles for sissy men

    Women’s panties made for fit men. Fabric in smooth silk and lace and a comfortable pouch for the package. A lot of men loves this style of underwear.

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    Men's beautiful pouch underwear in lace.

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