Bras for Men – Silicone Boobs (crossdressers undies)

bras for men animatedSome men find it sexually arousing to wear bras. I’ll show you some nice bras for men, which is not visible under clothing. However, if you want to have breasts that are visible, you need false boobs in silicone and a bra that fits men with fake breasts.

You’ll find some nice bras, sexy underwear set, bodysuits in lace and fake boobs on this page.



Bras for men

These set have bras that fits men and panties with place for the genitals. The bras and panties are not sold together as a set, but you may purchase them separately. The bras are without padding and will not be seen under clothes. They have a nice summary floral pattern.

      bra with flowers for men 

Bra that fit men blossom patternmens summery panty with blossom pattern

Mens metallic underwear set

Cheeky lingerie set for men. Bra and bikini panties in soft and shiny fabric.

mens bra and panty set in blue metallic color

Lace bralette

Lovely bra in white lace. It has adjustable stretch bra straps. You can wash it in machine.

white lace bra for guys

If you want pantys that match, you can buy these in the same fabric.

white lace panties for men

Feminine underwear for men

If you like Sissy panties,you must visit this site too. You’ll find about 100 of sexy panties for men who love undies like these.

Men's comfortable panties in lace with pouch

Mens lace bra and panty set

This erotic whisper bra and panty set are completely lace. It’s a feminine underwear set designed for men. A sexy transparent bra with minimal g-strings.

mens erotic lace bra and panty set blackmens erotic lace bra and panty set white

Adorable underwear set

Girlie bra and panty set for sissy men. Material in see through fabric with cute printed hearts pattern.

girlie bra and panty set designed for men

Men’s feminine underwear

You get a very nice underwear set if you buy this whisper bra and any of these panties. They are neatly patterned with white flowers on black bottom.

Bra that is made to fit men. Black with white feminine panties for men

This sexy panty has a transparent pouch of lace and garter.

mens panties with lace pouch and garter

Mens bodysuit

Mens bodysuit with flower pattern. It has smooth elasticized straps has a nap opening between the legs.

If you like bodysuits like this you’ll find more here.

Secret male bra

Sexy top for men. If you want the whole set you must buy the panties separately. You’ll get a very erotic set of underwear.

secret male bra blackmen's bikini panties black

Mens white and pink bralette

This is a very nice and comfortable lace bra that is made for men. It has adjustable straps and it can be washed in machine. Nobody will notice that you have a this whisper bralette on you.

Mens white and pink bralette 

Satin underwear

These two silky bras for men are in soft stretchy satin. You find them even in blue, pink and skin color.

men's black bra   red bra in satin for men

With the satin panties above you’ll have a perfect underwear set.

mens satin panties blacksatin panties for men red

Sexy satin bras with lace

Pink and black bras in smooth satin with lovely lace. They are made to fit men.


If you want a nice set you can buy these panties too.

mens panties in pink satin with lace      mens panties in black satin with lace

You find these silky bras for men in skin color too.

mens red satin bra with lacemens blue satin bra with lace

These cute panties can be another alternative to the black bra.

black sissy panties with skirt

If you are interested in sex toys specifically for men, click here.

mens sex toys

 Mens girlie bra

Very cute bra for men. Red with white dots.

Mens girlie bra. Red with white dots.

With any of these girlie panties, you get a very nice underwear set.

Mens girlie boxers. Red with white dots.Mens girlie panties. Red with white dots.

More secret bras for men

Feminine bras designed for men in stretch lace with a satin underlay.

mens secret bra black lacemens secret bra red lace

mens secret bra nude lacemens lace bra pink

These comfortable bras for men are in soft rayon fabric. They have double straps. You find them in red and blue too.

mens bralette rayon blackmens bralette rayon white

mens bralette rayon lime colormens bralette rayon mint green

Further down the page you’ll find some nice feminine bodys and tank set for men. Look at them too, perhaps you like them. They are very nice.

Bras for men that holds silicone boobs

These bras are specially made for holding silicone breast form in place. If you are a guy that like crossdressing you’ll find some nice bras here.

bra holds silicone breast forms in placebras that holds silicone breast forms in place red

bra holds silicone breast forms in place black  bra holds silicone boops in place brown lace

black bras for men holds silicone breast forms in placebras for men holds silicone breast forms in place white

mens lace bra brown mens lace bra white

See through bras

Sexy transparent pocket bras that holds the breast forms in place.

mens see through bra blackmens see through bra white

Pocket bra

These bras have pockets for silicone breast forms. The material is stretchy and transparent.

mens pocket bra blackmens pocket bra nude

pocket bra for silicone breastformsblack pocket bra for silicone breastforms

These breast forms sells one by one so you have to buy two of them.

silicone breastform drop formsilicone breastform

Mens bras

Look at me! I feel so sexy in all my fancy bras! Of course, men also use bras if it makes them feel sexy.

mens bras funny gif

Below on this page you’ll find bodysuits like these and some other sexy underwear.

mens bodysuits

Nipple covers

A cute and sexy alternative for men instead of bras are nipple covers like these.

heart-shaped sexy nipple covers redheart-shaped sexy nipple covers

More bras for men

Bras for crossdressing men. These beautiful bras with lace have pockets for breast forms.

pocket bra for breastforms blackpocket bra for breastforms red

Mens feminine underwear

These sexy ones with garter are designed for fit men.

mens briefs with garter blackmens briefs with garter white

Crossdressers satin and lace teddy

Super sexy bodysuit that fits men.

crossdressers sexy lace teddy

Sexy dress with zebra pattern

Mens fancy petticoat or nightdress. Maybe for sex parties with animal themes.

mens sexy dress with zebra pattern

Hiding gaff panties

If you want to be a woman for a night, you need a sexy panties that hides your genitals.I have chosen a few as customers have been satisfied with.

hiding gaff panties for crossdressing white lacehiding gaff panties for crossdressing blue satin

hiding gaff panties for crossdressing blackmens black hiding gaff panties for crossdressing

Beginners transform set

With these transform sets, you can test and see if it’s something for you. If you like the feeling of wearing it, you can choose and buy what you want in the future.


beginners transform settransform set black underwear

Makeup kit for crossdressing men

makeup kit for crossdressing men

False boobs in silicone

Boobs in silicone looks and feels very natural. If you get fake breasts like these you can use a bra designed for women. You find them in several models and sizes. Below you can see a few example. The first one shows big boobs in silicone for transvestite persons. The other one is an example of a more ordinary model that you can get in more normally sizes. They are soft and comfortable and have a very realistic look.

The one below is for transsexual men, who like big boobs. Sells in size 48DD/50D/52C 1 pair.

boobs in silicone for transvestite persons    breast forms in silicone    

Bras with big silicone breasts. You find them in bigger size too.

colored brown silcone breast

Dark brown silicone boobs 1200 gr. Natural drop shape.

mens deep black silicone breast

If you prefer breast forms you also need something to keep your breasts in place like this roll-on body adhesive. It’s easy to apply and washes off with water.

crossdressers silicone breasts 

Be a woman for a night

If you really want to look like a lady for a night, you must have a nice wig. These two with long curly hair are a perfect choice. You’ll be pleased with any of them.

long curly dark brown hair wig

You need wig caps too. They hold the hair in place.

wig caps 3-pack

Instead of bras for men

Satin tanks

Instead of a bra you can wear a silky and smooth tank in satin. It’ll give you a nice feeling.

lingerie tank set men in blue satinmens black satin tank

These bright pink bodysuits are very feminine. Perhaps you like that style?

tank set for men pink satinmens bodysuit pink satin

Sexy underwear set

These are very elegant underwear in satin and lace. It’s an nice alternative instead of bras for men. You find them in light blue and pink too.

mens tank ant panties set in lace and satin black   mens tank ant panties set in lace and satin red

Mens feminine lace camisole

Sexy camisole in stretchy lace fabric. Gorgeous lingerie in nice colors for sexy men.

mens black lace camisolemens purple lace camisole

mens blue lace camisolemens pink lace camisole

Tank top set

Sexy breathable tank top set. You find them in several colors.


mens tank top set redmens tank top set black

Lace tanks

Why not a beautiful tank in white or black lace?

mens tank in white lacemens tank in black lace

Mens bodysuits

Sexy glossy top and thongs for sexy men. Perhaps a suit for dancing?

mens bodysuit top and thongs green

These sexy mankini bodysuits you find in some more colors too.

mankini bodysuit blackmankini bodysuit red

Nice plum bodysuit. It has a quick opening between the legs.

mens bodysuit plum

These bodysuits for men you find in some other colors too.The pink one have a zip. the blue one have a 3-snap closure between the legs.

mens pink bodysuit with zipmens bodysuit blue

Tank tops

Perhaps you like these short sexy tanks? They are like bras for men.

mens tank top blackmens tank top pink

Black and red undies

If you like lingerie like sissy panties etc, click here.

black and red panties

Baby doll

With false breasts in silicone even men can wear baby dolls. These really are adorable! Cute and sexy at the same time.

Of course even men can wear baby dolls like these. Why not?


      lingerie babydoll

Bra size for men

It’s very important you get the bra in right size. Measure the band-size (under your breasts) and the bust-size (below your breasts), then you can choose a bra that fits you. For some models you even need the size above your breasts. Perhaps you need a cm to inch converter.

Men's bra size