Best Panties for Men (More than 100 Sissy Underwear)

What do the best panties for men look like? I prefer briefs having a specially pouch for the package and are made in elastic fabric. They must be both sexy, comfortable and of course look very good.

It has become more and more common that guys have interest in wearing women’s underwear, especially panties, but bras as well. It’s a sort of sexual fetishism. Wearing these cute panties get some people turned on.

Best panties for men    pouch panties red and black

Which the best panties for men are is obviously very subjective and depends on your taste and what turns you on. That can vary a lot from person to person. It can definitely be exciting and naughty though to wear women’s undies. The soft and shiny fabric in silk, satin, spandex and lace can give a sexy exciting feeling. Some people prefer a special color like red or black. A transparent fabric that you can see right through are very sexy. Some people get turned on wearing panties that show their butts. They prefer a special style of panties called g-strings or thongs. These panties have just a thin narrow strip of the fabric between the buttocks. The butt is all naked. Others have a fetish wearing used panties. There is a market on the internet for this, where people sell their own used panties.

The best panties for men have a special pouch for the package and are made of elastic fabric. They are the most comfortable. How they should look and their style is just a matter of taste.

There are countless of  sexy and beautiful pouch panties or other sexy undies to buy online.  It’s just to pick and choose.  I’ll show you some of my favorites here below.

Sissy panties for men

Cheeky pouch panties for pansy boys or other men who like this kind of underwear. They are very elegant and feminine in silk and lace.  I think panties like these are adorable and very sexy. I just love undies in beautiful colors and lace. Are you interested in bras for men as well, you will find them here.

pouch panties in pink lace  pouch panties blue lace

   mens pouch panties with frill and lace

pouch panties blue   pouch panties bikini pink lace

pouch panties in white lace    pouch panties leopard pattern

These sissy panties for men are very elegant. The material is patterned lace in beautiful colors. The back side has ruched lace and open crotch. They have high waist and a good fit. You see them in other colors further down the page.

sissy lace panties with open crotch mens pink lace panties with open crotch

I’ve only chosen panties that I think are cool and that costumers have given a good review. The panties on my site are the best panties for men that I could find. I really hope you’ll find some you like too.

Patterned lace panties

These lace panties are adorable. Transparent fabric with lovely pattern and a comfortable pouch for the package. The back is thong style. Sexy sissy panties for men who like a more feminine style of underwear.

transparent sissy lace panties with pouch pinkmens sexy lace thongs black

Panties with flowers

Perhaps you like this girlie panty style.  Pattern with flowers in wonderful colors. These are panties for men that loves the feeling of wearing womans underwear.

       pouch panties with flowers   panties for men flower pattern

Feminine underwear for men. Comfortable with the pouch for the package and very nice to look at.

sexy pouch panties pink flowers     mens sissy g-strings with pouch and flower pattern

Mens girlie panties

Sexy girlie underwear for men. Panties in black lace with cute pink rosettes and garter.

girlie sissy panties in black laceMens girlie panties in black lace

Mini panties – mini price

Adorable sissy panties in jockstrap style with ruffle lace. Perfect for lingerie nights. I think your partner would appreciate these as a little love gift.

mens mini jockstrap with black ruffle lace

Sexy jockstrap

These are for the men who like naked skin, especially butts. The front has fabric with pouch.

pouch panties thongpouch panties naked butt

The pink panty have a beautiful front of patterned lace. The panty with purple rosette is really neat. If you wear it, you’ll look like a gift for your partner.

mens sexy sissy panties with pouch purple

If you are a sissy man I think you’ll love these sexy lingerie. Fabric in glistening purple satin with black lace and cute rosettes. What more could you ask for?

pouch panties blue with black lace   pouch panties purple with black lace

Multi colored jockstraps

Cheeky panties for men in strong colors. A pouch for the package and some stretchy straps is all you need to look sexy.

multi colored jockstrapmulti colored jockstraps with stars pattern

Sissy lace panties

Beautiful sissy underwear for men in lace. The black panties have a sheer lace skirt and garter.

pouch panties apricot lace   mens lace panties with skirt

Mens sexy lace panties

Transparent bikini panties with pouch in orange or purple lace.

mens cute transparent lace panties orangemens cute transparent lace panties purple

Brazilian panties

These cheeky panties are in stretchy transparent lace. You find them in several colors.

men's brazilian panties in transparent lace

Mens glistening silk panties

Ladies luxury panties for men. These panties are in pure 100% silk. They are soft and shiny. They sells in economic packs. If you want to feel like a lady, you must choose luxery panties with excellent comfort like these. You’ll love the soft feeling on the body and you’ll want to have panties like these every day.

Sissi panties with bulge pouch

Express your feminine side with these panties. Womens panties made for men. The fabric is stretchy and breathable.

Sissi panties with bulge pouch blackSissi panties with bulge pouch pink

Cheeky panties for men

Small and sexy thongs in black transparent lace, only hiding the genitals. The red one has a heart that shows the butt.

thong black lace  mens panties with heart

Mens sissy thong underwear in soft silk fabric. The black bikini panties have a low-rise and are very comfortable. You find them in several colors. Perfect all around panties.

Thong panties 6-packbikini panties black

Cute silky panty with lips pattern. Sells single, 2-pack and 3-pack.

mens silky pattern with lips pattern

Silver pouch

I just love this small sissy panties in thong style. They are very elegant. Fabric in shiny silver colored patent leather and with black lace.

lingerie briefs g-string in silver and black lace

Mens erotic panties with open front

Undies with or without pouch, what do you prefer? These two small naughty panties in lace have holes for the Willie. Just realease him.

open front panties for men blue lace thong style open front panties for men black lace thong style

These lace boxer briefs have open front and open butt. You do not have to take off your sexy underwear. You are already ready for sex. The lace has a lovely rose pattern.

mens lace panties with open front and open butt blackmens lace panties with open front and open butt pink

These were the best panties for men i could find in lace with open front.

Purple sissy panties

Mens pouch underwear is very comfortable. The panties have a special fitted pouch for the package. Both Willy and you’ll love it.

Do you prefer sissy pouch panties in purple lace or in shiny sexy material? Just take a look on these glamorous underwear. Feminine, sexy and made for men.

pouch panties purple bikini  pouch panties thong purple lace

   Girlie underwear with pouch in patterned lace designed for men.

Adorable panties for sissy guys. Extra long or normal pouch?

sissy pouch panties purple   Sissy panties purple and black lace

Mens panties in floral lace. Feminine lingerie made for guys. The first pair have full back and the other ones are in G-string style and show the butts.

   sissy panties purple lace

These ones are very nice too. Do you like with open crotch or do you prefer the other style? They are both beautiful underwear for men who love lingerie.

sissy panties with pouch purple lace bikini style mens cross-dress with pouch purple lace

Silky lace panties in bright purple and another neat sissy panty in strong purple lace

purple sissy panties in lace

Sexy panties for sissies. Naken butt under a lovely lace skirt.

Purple panties with black lace skirt for sissies.

Black lace panties

Gorgeous lingerie for men. Beautiful and sexy black lace panties with comfortable pouches for men. They really are adorable.

black sissy panties in floral lace   lace panties for men black with pouch

I think the sexiest sissy panties have high waist and are made in lace with floral pattern.

sissy lace panties blackblack lace panties with pouch for men

Look at these lovely ruffle panties with a lot of black delicate lace. You’ll find them in white and bright pink too.

I think these bloomers is one of the best lingerie for men. I just love them.

mens sissy panties with lots of lace black

More black sissy panties

Elastic black panties for men who like this cool style. The first ones are bikini style the other thong.

black sissy panties bikini style  black sissy panties thong style

Cheeky black sissy panties for guys. Perfect for hot lingerie nights.

purple sissy pouch panties     sissy panties purple lace

Cutes sissy thongs for lads with a girlie lace skirt and garter.

mens girlie pouch panties with skirt and garter

Fishnet panties

Sexy transparent panties for men. The first one is thong style and the other is bikini style.

mens fishnet thongs black  mens fishnet panties bikini style black

Womens panties for guys

Mens sexy bikini panties in satin and floral lace. Black male lingerie in a girlie style.

mens black lace bikini pantiesmens satin panties with lace black bikini style

Red sissy panties

Full cut panties with pouch and garter. Elegant design, wonderful fit, stretchy and comfortable material that is also transparent. What more could you wish for?

red pouch panties with garter

Sensual red panties with transparent lace skirt designed for men.

pouch panties for men red lace

Do you like black and red pouch panties like these?

black and red panties

You’ll find more of them here.

More red panties for men

Red is a sexy color. It’s the color of love. Most people like underwear in red. These look like womens panties but they are made for fit men.

panties for men red satin and lace

red bikini panties for men    men's tanga panties red lace

Ruffle bloomers

Look at these. Aren’t they just lovely? Lots of ruffle lace and cute bows. They are so feminine and sexy. You’ll feel like a lady in these wonderful lingerie.

panties for men with lots of white lace

White pouch panties

Mens mesh underwear with pouch for sexy men. Beautiful lingerie for men in a feminine style.

sissy pouch panties in white lace  sissy panties in white lace with crotch

If they above are too much, perhaps any of these falls to the taste.

Womens panties for men

A classic style of womens underwear for guys.

white lingerie panties with lace for men    white lingerie panties for men

Lovely everyday panties for men who like a fresh elegant style of lingerie. They look like ladies panties, but they are made to suit men.

mens white lingerie panties in lacemens white lace panties bikini style

Pink sissy panties

Beautiful pink lace panties with pouch in front and garters. They have high waist and open crotch back.

Nice pink panties with open crotch.

pink sissy panties open crotch

The first pair is in a bikini style and the other in thong.

sissy panties pink and black lacesissy thongs pink lace

The first panty has a front with very nice pattern and a back all in lace. The other one is all in airy delicate lace.

   pink sissy lace panties

Elegant and classic style. Beautiful sissy panties for men who like this feminine style of undies.

mens pink lace sissy panties

Beautiful and sexy panties in strong pink patterned lace.

Panties with pouch and garter pink with black lace.

Cheeky panties that shows your sexy butt.

pink sissy panties bikini style

Mens girlie panties with pouch, garter and a skirt in thin patterned lace.

pink sissy panties with lace skirt  mens bright pink panties with white lace skirt

If you like pink sissy underwear you must take a look on this page too.

Mens minimal pouch undies

These are a very cute pair of panties for men.  A pink pouch in lovely transparent lace. You can see the genitals through the fabric.

mens lace undies pink

Girlie g-strings with comfortable pouch for men in a nice pink color. If you are looking for a gift to someone who like sissy underwear I can suggest this mug.

Mens girlie panties. G-strings with pouch in pink color.mug with panties pattern for sissy lovers

Other gift ideas for men you’ll find here:

Mens funny gifts

Blue sissy pouch panties

Beautiful pouch thongs in blue lace with flower pattern.

blue sissy lace panties

Mens lovely blue bikini panties with a cute lace skirt. These panties are very cheap!

blue sissy lace panties with skirt

Elegant glistening blue sissy panties for glamorous men.

sissy panties blue bikini style

More blue panties

These are two nice pair of bikini panties if you prefer this style of underwear.

mens blue bikini pantiesmens glossy bikini briefs blue

Green sissy panties

Lovely silky lace panties in thong style. The lace has lovely pattern and the pouch for the genitals is transparent. You’ll show it all.

sissy lace panties in thong style green

If you prefer this style I can recommend these two small glistening pouch thongs.

green g-strings for mengreen and yellow g-strings for men

Bikini panties in lovely green color with sides of patterned lace.

mens green bikini panties with sides of lace

Mens beautiful Hawaii bikini panties with summer flower pattern.

mens hawaii bikini panties

See through panties

Elegant sexy transparent sissy panties. The fabric covers only the genitals. They have also a cute rosette.

mens see through sissy panties

These cute whisper panties with a silky pouch are very nice too.

sissy panties thong style light pink

Long pouch panties

Mens panties with extra long pouch for the package. They are made in a silky stretchy material and very comfortable to wear.

long pouch panties

Lace jockstrap

Feminine male lingerie. If you prefer the jockstrap style I can recommend this cute and sexy lingerie for lads.

lace jockstrap pink

Lace thongs for him

Beautiful patterned lace panties. Small and sexy undies for men.

mens sissy lace thongs redmens sissy lace thongs dark blue

These sexy panties have a transparent front. You find them in several colors.

mens transparent lace thongs

Tanga lace panties

Sexy transparent panties with rose pattern.  You find them in several colors.

tanga lace panties for men black   tanga lace panties for men red

Mens small and sexy panties

These nice panties have adjustable side ties. They sells single or in 4-pack. They have full back coverage and a pouch that hugs the package. Perfect panties to suit all days of the week.

sexy pink panties for men bikini style  panties for men 4-pack

Mens mesh underwear

These cute erotic thongs I think are adorable. Girlie lingerie that fits perfectly for men.

mens lace thongs underwear cerisemens lace thongs underwear blue

mens lace thongs underwear blackmens lace thongs underwear white

Mens naughty lingerie

Sissy underwear give you an erotic and naugthy feeling. If you are a sissy man, you feel very sexy wearing them. Which man doesn’t want to feel sexy in their underwear?

If you like transparent underwear in lace you must visit this site.

mens bodystockings

You’ll be incredible sexy in a bodysuit like these. I think they are some of the best lingerie for men.

Transparent sexy panties

You show the whole package in these sexy see through panties. They are in one size. Fits men S/M. Sold individually and in packs of 5. Mens mesh underwear in strong colors for everyday use.

mens transparent thong panties blackmens see through panties 5-pack

Mens satin panties

Briefs in smooth and shiny satin. You find them in several colors.

mens satin briefs pink  blue satin briefs

JOR’s underwear

Boxer briefs and panties in beautiful feather pattern.


JOR boxer briefs feather pattern pink

Pattern with birds or garden. Both very nice,

JOR briefs with bird patternJOR garden briefs

 Swim panties for men

Small and sexy  swim tanga panties. Which would you prefer? The beautiful ones with flowers or the cool ones in strong colors.

swim panties with flowers swim panties tanga in strong colors

Swimwear bikini style

These swim panties you find with a lot of different pattern. More than 30. You must look yourself. I’m sure you’ll find some you like.

swimsuit for men bikini style strong colors swim panties bikini style strong colors for men

JOR’s pink swim panties. Pink or with ocean pattern.

JOR pink swim briefsJOR swim briefs ocean pattern

More sexy swim panties

The yellow part is transparent. They are in bikini style and you find them in several colors.


sexy swim panties for men partly transparent black and yellow  mens blue glossy panties bikini style

Sexy mini boxers

These stylish panties are translucent and comfortable to wear all day long. They sells single or in 6-pack.

panties for men green lace see through style mini boxers  panties for men 6-pack see through mini boxers

Transparent panties thong style

Perhaps you prefer this style. See through lace and model thong. Sells single or in 6-pack.

panties for men style thong blue see through lace panties for men 6-pack thong style see through lace

Books about men wearing panties

Do you want to read more about men in panties? Take a look on these ebooks.

ebook about men wearing panties  ebook about men wearing panties

ebook about men wearing lingerie  ebook about men wearing bras ,panties and dresses

Of course you must wear sexy underwear, but perhaps you want a nice sex toy too. Just visit this page, perhaps you find something you like.

mens sex toys

Tanks for sexy guys

A set in blue or pink in smooth satin or a tank you can see through. You can find this one in several colors as well.

Body men blue  tank see through black

Transparent bodysuit

A sexy bodysuit for men who like this style.

tranparent bodysuit for men black

Transparent underwear

These 4 pack hipster boxers you can wear everyday. They are comfortable, breathable and even sexy because you can see right through them. The green boxer briefs you find in 6 nice colors. With these cozy and airy panties you’ll feel of wearing nothing at all.

hipster panties breathable      transparent boxers shorts green

Transparent swim briefs

Look at these two sexy swimbriefs. Perhaps they are something for you?

transparent swimbriefs black  breathable swimwear hipster

Lace long johns

Long see through underwear in beautiful lace for sexy men.

see through long underwear pinksee through long underwear black

Are you looking for long warming underpants like on the picture below? Just click here.

long johns - men's thermal underwear

Fishnet underwear

Men’s see through fishnet undershirts/t-shirts. You find them in several colors. The red one has hood. They are all breathable, comfortable and sexy of course.

fishnet undershirt short sleeves turquoise  black see through undershirt

black fishnet undershirt  fishnet t-shirt with hood red

Underwear set

A very nice underwear set with kisses all over. A Perfect gift for your boyfriend.

underwear set for men red with black kisses all over  underwear set for men white with red lips all over

Men’s sexy see through mesh robe

Transparent clothes are always sexy. Just look on this sexy robe.

sexy see through mesh robe for men black

Silky robes and pajamas you find here.

mens silky robes and sexy pajamas

More cool underwear for men

More lingerie made for men

Cool boxers

Leather look briefs

Other styles of briefs

pouch panties for men


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